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The ABC’s Of Leadership Success

Whether leading a multi-national, a private family-owned business or coaching a National Championship college football program, identifying and evaluating high potential performers is more science than it is art. Over thirty years of data have led to the ABC model of  Elegant Leadership, and delivering it in its simplest form:  A-B-C  Abilty, Balance and Control.

From elevating an already successful enterprise, turning around a failing business or fine-tuning your business, the questions are the same:

  • Do I have the Ability, Balance and Control to perform at an Elite level?
  • Is there a combination of Inherent Characteristics and Learned Skills?
  • Is there a Desire for the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities required by senior-level roles?
  • Do I have the emotional and cogent Commitment, effort and intent to persevere when times get tough?

The ABC model encompasses the physical, mental, emotional aspects of every leader and athlete’s potential. Some will succeed on a small level, some will advance to experience regional or national success, some global success, and some will excel and continue to progress at each of these levels. The difference among all these characteristics is extremely small underpinning one small element,

“How do they handle the defining moment under stress, and How that result shapes future behaviors.”

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Your Goal As A Leader

In order to be successful in business you must be successful with people.  We can certainly identify and commit to doing more, doing less, start doing and stop doing “stuff.” It’s easy to focus on what matters most, until extenuating circumstances occur. Our elegant Leaders Dashboard delivers a simple, practical, powerful and graceful solution.

As a leader, you’re challenged with numerous goals, priorities and initiatives in addition to people and communication disconnects. The Elegant Leaders Dashboard will help you gain clarity, stay focused on what really matters and help eliminate overwhelm with the most important things for your organization and role.

As an Elegant Leader with Voltage, here’s what you can and must do:

  • Develop a generation of leaders – be candid, tell them!
  • Demonstrate daily through your observable behaviors how you value people!
  • Ensure resources for growth in their role and in leadership are available
  • Model the behaviors you want (and frankly should demand) modeled
  • Bake into your culture how important and committed leadership is

If you’re going to assemble a team that will do whatever it takes in the moment during the good times and more importantly when, not if, the proverbial stuff hits the fan, then stop settling for present circumstance, break through from where you are today to where you want to be. It’s been said, there are companies who watch what happen, those who wonder what happened and those who


Stop struggling with personal conflict of the organization’s values, vision, and priorities and know what’s most important for personal and professional success and satisfaction. Get your Leader’s Dashboard today!

Building Elegant Leaders

How do you determine who’s ready in your organization to lead, to take on added roles and responsibility at the next level? The questions you want answered is:

“How will this person lead,and

“How can I hedge my bet this person will be successful for us?”

We provide independent best practice tools delivering ipsative, normative, critical thinking with live behaviors and perceptions through our proprietary Leadership Trident™.

  • Our Profiles™ assessments measure personality characteristics and behaviors on individual scales and specific characteristics against patterns of particular functional groups to arise at a benchmark profile for role success.
  • The Red Critical Thinking™ model evaluates the cognitive ability, predicts judgment, problem solving and creativity of participants. You need to know how employees question, analyze and make decisions under pressure.
  • The final spear of our Leadership Trident™ uncovers insights on behaviors and a variety of indicators to provide specific guidance for making decisions whether a candidate or incumbent for a position is the right fit for a job or promotion based on eighteen factors.

If you want to improve decision making and accurately identify top performers with the capacity for good decision-making, judgment, problem solving, openness to new experiences and practical intelligence, then our Leadership Trident™  is the complete tool of predictive behaviors.

Leadership Summit Series

Delivering leadership solutions to today’s pressing problems needs to be agile and adaptive to produce significant results and optimize your time and investment. Leaders and managers are fond of the maxim, “Employees are our most important asset.” Yet beneath the rhetoric, too many executives still regard, and manage, employees as costs. Companies that fail to invest in employees jeopardize their own success and even survival.

We’ve developed a robust set of frameworks based upon a methodology that has been proven in-the-field from small-to-mid-sized organizations, solo- and entrepreneurial environments and through global enterprises delivering significant bottom-line contributions of investments in human capital management.

A theme throughout the Leadership Summit Series is the precision incorporated from today’s Special Operation Forces.  Navy SEAL philosophies and values provide the foundation for continually achieving ambitious objectives. As you read this paragraph, dozens of squads are operating somewhere around the world. Despite all the hardships they encounter from BUD/S, training evolutions and spin ups for a mission, they are bound to their brothers, their command and ultimately the mission – sometimes they die.

How can a 12-man squad accomplish so much in a short window in the still of the night impacting our National security, yet your 12-member team cannot meet a deadline let alone work fluidly towards a goal?

SEAL platoons employ proven leadership tactics and team models aimed at making effective decisions and conducting surgical operations – there’s no place to hide! The Leadership Summit Series is the result of decades of work emphasizing true leadership and teamwork precision. Event durations range from 13 weeks to 12 months. Stop accepting mediocrity and provide a foundation for continually achieving ambitious business objectives today! Download your copy of the .Leadership Summit Series

Inspiring People to Inspire Their Organization

Whether it’s developing emerging or legacy leaders, Becoming Elegant Leaders with Voltage, working together or speaking at your next event J. Scott is dedicated to meeting your needs and those of your organization.

It’s my desire to deliver authentic Elegant Leaders in today’s business world. I welcome the opportunity to establish and build a long-term relationship with you. I can be reached 205-582-4100 or email directly and I look forward to speaking with you…the conversation continues…


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