Cultivate Elegant Leaders

Nothing drives an organization’s performance more than the quality of its leaders. We inspire leaders to inspire organizations toinspire their people by becoming an Elegant Leader!  Elegant Leaders take action and move organizations forward in practical way that reflects Simplicity, Power and Grace. They create a future reflecting authentic leadership and team-building strongly emphasizing effective communications, intense loyalty, quality work, strong culture, and innovation.

Elegant Leaders execute with Refinement and Grace. Download the definitive guide on Elegant Leadership today and move your organization forward!

The Elegant Leaders Guide

Elegant Leader

Inspiring Leaders and Organizations

Scott is a dynamic speaker passionate about delivering a clear, concise and compelling message for inspiring leaders and their organizations to inspire confidence and fulfillment in their people. He provides the audience clarity and direction in a way that balances egos, relationships and results with influence and impact. Colorful and engaging, Scott delivers his messages in a relaxed style that resonates with his audiences.

Invite Scott to speak at your next event or connect to personalize your workshop, off-site or meeting uniquely tailored to your company’s needs!

Giving Back

Since day one JScott Partners has given back to the community that has molded it into what it is today. A portion of every relationship is donated to several military affiliated and civic charitable causes that align with our core values to help wounded veterans and the families of those warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice cope during times of recovery. If you’d like to know more about organizations JScott Partners and Brookestone Associates support, click the link below.

Our Heritage and conversation continues…

Executive Leadership Solutions

Our goal is to prepare executives to be effective global leaders, with finely honed decision-making skills exceeding key performance metrics and preserving critical relationships.  Engaging executives and emerging leaders on development frameworks individually or in group settings has proven to have the longest lasting impact on results, according to McKinsey, 2014. We deliver highly relevant high impact and influence on daily outcomes. Our methodology is:

Attract • Design  Build Ignite

  1. Attract Talent for world-class leadership 
  2. Design Solutions delivering real-time results and preserve key relationships 
  3. Build the interior and execute the Executive Brand of Elegant Leaders 
  4. Ignite talent to intensely drive change in the organizations we serve

From identifying, evaluating, hiring and induction, grooming, coaching and outplacement, JScott Partners is the premier provider of cradle-to-grave pragmatic talent solutions in today’s global business landscape. Every one of our practice segments has developed a competency model designed to guide the selection and development efforts – making it easier to observe and measure the quality of work output, ensure alignment to organizational strategy and provide the framework of capabilities and most importantly expected results.

Download our FREE report on Executive Leadership Solutions today!

Events Calendar

The Leadership Summit Series are intense high-value events where measurable gains in performance and results are delivered. Our approach combines the best practices in accountability, coaching, facilitation, goal setting and peer support. Each evolution is tailored to bring in specific case studies and projects directly from your organization.

The Leadership Summit Series sessions are a practical, flexible and powerful modules delivering valuable insights with an emphasis on results with actionable accountability plans ensuring performance gains. Events range from 9-weeks to 12-months and can be personalized for your organization. Join the Leadership Summit Series today or Inquire about tailoring a solution for your organization.

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