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What They're Saying About the Academy:

“Since completing all of the modules, my group has realized a 12% increase in throughput and a scrap reduction by 28%. I’ve been able to apply real solutions that are giving me sustainable results. The Academy should be required for everyone in leadership! “- Nick P, Group Leader / Recreation Outdoor Mfg.

“Scott’s ability to speak specifically to how our business operates and how to adapt his style to our people in the Academy has been nothing short of amazing. The Academy gave me and my team great insights into how we can make lasting changes that impact our performance daily – we went from losing $1M monthly for 9 months to now a $1.4M surplus. I can’t say enough about how on target this message has been for all of us.” – Jeremy Whitaker, VP/GM Operations

Enroll One or More of Your Managers Today!

The High Performance Leadership Academy is a small group of talented managers meeting monthly over a 6- or 12-month period with a single-minded purpose:

Show significant, measurable improvements in performance.

We do this with relevant, practical content, coaching, facilitation, sharing best practices, and accountability – all directly connected to each participant’s work situation and performance goals.


We start and end with serious, measurable and meaningful results. Participants set ambitious goals at the start of the program & are expected to improve their performance throughout the program.

The Academy develops leaders to step up and grow your organization giving you more time to achieve your own objective – delegate more, fight fewer fires & get more done with less stress.


Participants learn to communicate with impact, build teams, collaborate, and set the tone for greater results and ongoing improvement


Candidates discover a proven process to better engage & mobilize employees. Earning the right to lead and understanding leadership styles that work best for each employee.


They will learn how to acquire and implement great ideas that lead to successful new products, serious performance improvement, and breakthroughs in customer service and loyalty.


Our practical focus develops skills directly leading to better teamwork and higher performance! We reinforce these skills with ongoing coaching and support for greater results and stronger relationships.

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Join Our High-Performance Leadership Academy!

  • Monthly four-hour meetings over 12 months*

  • Best practices proven to engage & enable results

  • Participants are accountable for serious performance gains

  • One-on-one coaching included

  • Meetings focus on one key leadership topic for results

  • Seasoned leadership development delivery expert

*6-month program available

Many organizations waste time and money reinventing the wheel to develop content for their internal leadership development programs – sometimes spending a small fortune with a training firm to build a program from scratch. Sadly, many of these programs yield little results let along anything sustainable.

Our program is based on the best practices of applied leadership development – focused on getting practical, lasting results, and on engaging high-potential managers and leaders the way they learn best. Here’s what to expect from the High-Performance Leadership Academy:

  Personalized Dynamic Learning

♦  Emphasis on High-Value Results

♦  ROI Baked-in From Start to Finish

♦  Accountability & Follow thru to Sustain Growth

♦  Designed to Engage with High Performers in Mind

What's Missing is a Pipeline of Leaders:

♦  Only 15% of companies in North America and Asia believe they have enough qualified successors for key leadership positions.

♦  Fewer than 30% of European companies feel confident about the quality and amount of talent in their pipelines.

♦  High-Performers give an immediate ROI – often averaging more than additional 50% value to their organizations and as much as 100% increase in productivity over average performers.

♦  High-Performers are 11 times more likely to succeed in a senior role than those who are average performers.

♦  59% High-Performers who are engaged plan to stay at their current job compared to 23% who are not engaged. 

Source: McKinsey & Co, June 2017, Forbes, Feb. 2018

What You'll Get:

     Practical. The program challenges participants to make specific improvements in their own performance after each and every meeting.

♦     Measurable. The emphasis is on achieving measurable results on the job and for the organization, between meetings and throughout the program.

♦     Emphasis on Results. Unlike most programs focused on participant satisfaction, our program tracks tangible results for the organization.

♦     Executive Coaching. Each participant receive two one-on-one coaching sessions and additional support throughout the program.

♦     Powerful Approach. The approach combines the best practices in coaching, peer support, facilitation, goal setting, accountability and tracking progress.

♦     Flexible. We can adjust the program to bring in specific case studies, speakers, and projects directly from your own organization.

♦     Best Practice Content. The content is based on proven methodologies and tools. We provide all materials ready-to-go including: agendas, discussion guides, a 150+ Participant’s Manual, worksheets and much more…

♦     Graduation. We provide a year-end luncheon ceremony for the participants and their managers celebrating all of the results.

Would you prefer to host the Academy? We will gladly personalize our Academy to your unique situation. I’m offering a no-strings, no obligation conversation, because I want to see you succeed regardless if the High Performance Leadership Academy is for you or not. Call me and ask me anything you like. (205) 482-2177

Program Flow:

The High-Performance Leadership Academy follows this sequence so each monthly session is easy for participants to engage and deliver great results:


Meeting #1: Leadership Disciplines, Behaviors & Habits.

Meeting #2: Leadership & the Power of Perception

Meeting #3: Communicate Simply & Powerfully

Meeting #4: Engage and Mobilize Employees

Meeting #5: Managing & Leading Up

Meeting #6: Handling Overwhelm & Getting Control of Time

Meeting #7: Think Comprehensively – Critical Problem Solving

Meeting #8: Influence with Impact

Meeting #9: Building Strong Professional Relationships

Meeting #10: Strategic Planning

Meeting #11: Create a High-Performance Culture

Meeting #12: Graduation & Lead into the Community

Become the Leader Worth Following

Not Sure if the Academy is For You?

I’m offering a no-strings attached, no pressure conversation. Call me and ask me anything you like. (205) 482-2177

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