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Elegant Leadership means showing up and being a better leader today than you were yesterday. It’s delivering sustainable outcomes, cultivating strong relationships and it means being humble as you lead. Leadership is a difficult endeavor and a constantly evolving process. Demands on you are ever increasing and you have less time to focus on change and development. The mission is simple – help successful people achieve positive, sustainable change and behavior; for themselves, their people and their teams or organizations

Becoming an Elegant Leader is hard! It’s hard work and easier to quit than to finish. When you become overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the task, you may be tempted to give up. The key is to follow a proven straightforward plan.

Even though the sweat equity it takes is no walk-in-the-park, I am sharing nearly three decades of hard knocks, failures, successes, and wisdom as an Executive for a global multi-national and later an entrepreneur – and yes, it’s far easier to quit than to finish.

Becoming an Elegant Leader will change your life – not to mention potentially impact thousands of people.

I’ve developed a proven system – The Elegant Leader with Voltage platform – a blueprint that takes you from a good to a great leader. When your ego takes a hit, when your results aren’t what you expected, when your relationships become stale or strained, or when you become overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the task, you’re going to be tempted give up – so, don’t.

What if you knew exactly:

Where to start…

What each step entails…

How to overcome fear, procrastination, and failure…

And how to keep from feeling overwhelmed?

You can do this – and more quickly than you might think because these days you have access to more tools than ever. The key is to follow a proven in-the-field, straightforward, step-by-step plan guaranteed, AND I’m going to help you get through every step as you begin your journey of Elegant Leadership.

How can I make such a guarantee?  I guarantee a lot when it comes to my accountability. Much of our relationship hinges on you – your level of commitment, dedication, desire, and determination to follow through, to take consistent action.  I’m your stake-in-the-ground. When you follow the program, take it seriously and do the work, then it’s more than reasonable to expect to achieve what many others have achieved. I teach Executives and business professionals, like you, what works, why it works and how to implement the strategies and tactics immediately.

Want to save this definitive guide to read later? Click here to download a handy PDF version.

Don’t believe me?  Try it FREE! You will become unstuck, surpass your expectations and win as an Elegant Leader with Voltage with a reliable blueprint and proven process. I’m going to show you how to overcome the 4 traps that hold you back and keep you overwhelmed and anxious without taking any more time out of your impossible schedule.

You’re busy! 

We all are.

That doesn’t have to stop you from becoming the best leader you can be. The 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage are simple, practical and powerful. I’m going to give you all 7 steps FREE, because you think you’re so busy, and busy people get things done, “but Scott, you don’t understand my situation.”

Sure I do! I’ve been there, more than once too; even when I was down to my last $4; when there was no hope,  no prospects and I saw no way out.

I’ve heard all the excuses and even used them myself:

…but I’m working 70+ hours a week already…

…but I have a spouse and children who demand my time…

Companies aren’t exactly beating a path to my door…

I’m unsure of the future with my employer…

I’m too old, too young or not enough education, or whatever…

If only I had more time…

The truth? It starts with your priorities.

We all make the time to do what we REALLY want to do. I didn’t say find the time. You won’t ever find the time. You have to make the time, to carve it into your schedule. The answers are in the proven in-the-field system. Want to save this definitive guide to read later? Click here to download a handy PDF version.

In this eBook, I’ll show you how to overcome the obstacles and traps that have kept you from being the Leader you know exists within you. Then, I’ll show you the secret to eagerly coming back to your Dashboard every day to maintain clarity and stand your ground when not if it hits the fan.

What if change and learning were more fun, useful and rewarding?

What becomes possible if you were more energized instead of enduring the daily grind? 

What do you think will happen if you don’t change anything

It’s taken nearly three decades to develop a system that’s worked and been proven in small intimate companies of less than fifty people, it’s worked in process-driven global organizations of over 15,000 employees and it’s worked in the worse economy in history in entrepreneurial environments that led to successful succession, exits, buy-outs and everywhere in between. It simply works!

I’ve cover the good and the bad, the sweat equity, failures and successes proven-in-the-field and in  Board Rooms throughout hundreds of organizations and the Private Equity firms we’ve worked with. The goal is to give you everything I have – the knowledge, the techniques and proven principles that have returned 2-10X ROI for our client’s and company’s who committed and dedicated themselves to take consistent action. Do you want to know more? Simply email me here – no 3rd party hook, salesy crap.

How long can you tolerate the painful years of mediocrity?

What do you think will happen if you don’t change anything?

If failure wasn’t an option, what would you do now?

Just to prove to you I’m serious about helping you, here are the 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage FREE. Let’s step in:

1. The Blueprint – Focus daily on what matters most with your personal Elegant Leaders Dashboard at your fingertips. It’s far easier to lead when things are going well. It’s about leading when things aren’t. – why Elegant Leadership is important to those you lead, what you can do daily to improve your leadership and how to continue to lead elegantly under stress. Stay grounded and maintain clarity on what matters most in your sphere of influence.

2. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Becoming an Elegant Leader with Voltage starts with the right mindset before you can address other extents. There are skills and tactics to be sure, however, without the proper mindsets, you’re done before you get started. Voltage is in the clarity and perspective you’ll gain as your foundation. There’s a logical sequence and without the proper Mindset, Skill and Tactics in that order or you’re sunk before you begin.

3. Develop an Elegant Strategy – Here’s how you leverage what your organization should do best and how to practically and powerfully implement the tactics to realize the vision you set forth which delivers Voltage. It’s all about the execution of your team. You’re responsible for the people who are responsible for the people who are responsible for the outcomes.

Do you want to save this guide to read later? Click here to download a handy PDF version.

4. Be Clear, Concise and Compelling – It’s all about communicating effectively, simply and powerfully. It’s one thing to speak authentically to the organization. Elegant Leaders with Voltage deliver an authentic, generous and transparent message always regardless of situation or circumstance. They don’t let the crisis of the day, control their output.

5. It’s All About Relationships – If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business, and Elegant Leaders have great relationships that carry Voltage. Internal and external relationships are high-value components once you understand the process to recognize, reinforce and replicate great relationships.

6. Moving Forward – Rhythm, balance and everything in perspective. Egos, relationships and results take rhythm – it’s what it takes for organizations move forward. Empathy and perspective are two critical components of the Elegant Leader’s portfolio. How you develop the team and the employees are fundamental to your success as an Elegant Leader with Voltage.

7. Problem Solving Capacity – Improve decision making by accurately evaluating situations with the capacity for decision-making expertise, judgment, problem-solving, and openness to new experiences and practical intelligence. There’s Voltage in how you expand your solution capacity and your agility in a practical, effective an elegant manner.

Now that you have the 7 Steps, you need to know what to do and how to implement the steps in order to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage. The streets are littered with former business people and retired executives masquerading as mentors and coaches without any formal Executive coaching training. Some have never really succeeded themselves across a variety of industries, segments and diverse economic conditions to prove their platform or system.

Let’s call it, “check the fruit on the tree.” It doesn’t have to be me – look for someone who is highly-regarded and sought after who knows the practical applications of Elegant Leadership and how to work with employees through every level of an organization regardless of size or scale.

If you want to shave the painful years of trial-and-error off your learning curve,

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed, uncertain, and can’t seem to find any work-life balance,

If you’re not clear or successful on what your next steps are,

then leaning into the Elegant Leader with Voltage community is your next best step.

We’ve all been there when we’re riding the crest of the wave of great success and suddenly our egos take an unexpected hit. We’ve had quarter’s even years when our results weren’t what we expected, what we wanted. And, on top of it all, somehow our personal and professional relationships became indifferent and lacking as well. It’s far easier to quit than to finish.

Being overwhelmed by the sheer scope can tempt you to quit. Churchill said it best, “…never, ever quit…” Who’s going to dig you out then? That’s why I’m offering this no-obligation opportunity to you. I’ll help you just as I’ve helped, executives, business professionals and professional athletes with their communication, engagement,  strategic and performance issues. Don’t have the time today? Then,

 Click here to download the definitive guide to read later.

What leadership challenges or professional situations are you facing today you could use some help with? Feel free to ask me your questions by calling 205-482-2177, or if you’d rather email me, then click here.  You can access my private calendar here for a no-obligation conversation because our conversation continues…


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