The methodologies developed have been proven in-the-field with large bureaucratic multi-nationals, in solopreneurs and everywhere in between from $15M to $12B. Here are just a few of the frameworks we specialize in.

Setting Strategic Direction

It’s not about debating every word in your vision and mission. It’s about establishing the strategy, the tactics and the blueprint for execution in a clear, concise and compelling manner that moves your organization forward with the resources to support that execution.

Succession Planning

As more and more baby boomers retire, succession planning is a critical stage for ever-evolving organizations with four generations of employees in many cases. A key component of Aligning Your Talent Strategy with Your Organizational Strategy, we walk you through exactly how to assess, design and implement a robust succession plan.

Engaging and Mobilizing Employees

Leaders often struggle with what they can do to have a more cohesive, engaged and productive group of employees. The billion-dollar costs of this situation are staggering in terms of employee turnover,  low productivity, decreased customer or client satisfaction, the potential for increased error rates, and more. We deliver a six-step deep dive that bakes in a comprehensive leadership and talent management process.

Executing Effectively with Agility

Organizations crave more structure in executing the processes used to adapt to changing circumstances, and it’s more than moving conversations forward from Idea to Results. We deliver a  set of strategies to assess and improve the way your executives, your teams and your organization is communicating and executing so they keep progressing.

Communicate Simply and Powerfully

Leadership presence is a huge topic today, and getting to the heart of having true leadership presence in every kind of communication is what this framework is about simply and powerfully. Discover what it means to be an effective communicator, and think strategically about communication as an important process in an organization.

Leading with Influence and Impact

Here’s how you get things done while strengthening relationships and have more influence – a Leadership process to achieve your goals in one-on-one influence situations. More importantly, you develop more flexibility in how to influence people – a skill that will help you throughout your career.

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Framework Forms

Leaders Summit Series Events

High Performance Leadership – 6 monthly half-day events

QRF Quick Reaction Force is Leadership under stress – 6 sessions in 9 weeks

Forged – 12 monthly sessions on Elegant Leadership with Voltage

The Trident –  Delivering Agility Through Adversity in 26 weeks

The Grinder – Genesis of Elegant Leadership 6 month rotation

Inside The Teams:  Spring 2018

Blue Team – 26 weeks Emerging Leaders Summit

Gold Team – 26 weeks Dynamic Advanced Leadership

Green Team – Family-owned Succession Planning / Exit Summit

Ask about NEW Leadership Summit Series events in 2018

  • 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage
  • From the Leader’s Studio – Entrepreneurs Acceleration Days
  • Building your CASTLE – 15 steps to profit

These events are not your Dad’s CEO Roundtables or some vague Mastermind group.  Our frameworks provide real-world, proven results delivering 5-10X ROI and if you feel otherwise, then we’ll gladly refund your investment no questions asked.


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