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Whether you’re happy and comfortable in your current role, ready for your next great challenge or you’re frustrated and hurting due to downsizing, we are your stake-in-the-ground to restore and rejuvenate or highlight and leverage your career progression. JScott Partners is the premier provider for personalized cradle-to-grave talent solutions. Here is a sample what you can expect:

        Guerrilla Marketing For Your Career

        From Outplacement to Rejuvenation 

        How To Bulletproof Your Career 

        6 Weeks To A Rejuvenated Career

        Strategic Career Development Plan 

        Leverage Your Powerbase 

        Executive Branding and Portfolio

In addition to personalizing your resume, social media messaging and more, we offer unlimited one-on-one assistance and hours of intensive, personalized Career Rejuvenation steps. From in-depth training on how to develop a professional brand on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, salary compensation strategy to business start-up assistance that best fits your interest, skills and needs. Take control of your Career Rejuvenation and transform the next wave of your abundant life.

“I’ve been a direct report, a client and a friend of Scott’s and have worked with his team many times. They have always been great stand-up professionals and a breath of fresh air to work for and with.” Doug H, Wood Products, Orlando

Bulletproof Your Career

Bulletproof Your Career

Today’s employment volatility continues to ebb and flow. If you’re looking to leverage your next career leadership opportunity or stay ahead of the curve, we offer professionals and executives the assistance necessary to define and achieve their personal career goals.  Building each clients’ self-awareness and confidence, we deliver a clear, personalized plan to Bulletproof Your Career, improve overall performance and decrease the time it takes to find a new professional, executive-level position or entrepreneurial opportunity.

Don’t wait for your employer to act on your career! Bulletproof Your Career to make it happen instead of waiting and wondering what happened! Get your copy today.

“Brookestone is one of the most connected and respected organizations in our industry. I’ve known Scott Spector for years and have watched him put together successful start-ups as well as grow mature businesses. I highly recommend him and his team.” Bill S. – Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry Manufacturing Leader.

Are You in Transition?

All of us have gone through a least one major career transition and many of us will experience more than 4 of these life changing events. Whether we were laid off, fired, choosing a new industry or geography, transitioning from military service, returning from retirement,  or illness the reasons are innumerable, but the feelings and emotions are all the same – fear, uncertainty and doubt – and that’s okay.

How do we overcome the sometimes paralyzing stress and roller coaster of emotions? The answer: Having a plan and executing the plan! There are two types of people when it comes to exiting career transitions successfully:

  1. Those who are prepared and successful, and 
  2. Those who are not.

Our white paper 7 Steps to a Successful Transition focuses on how to make the most of a successful transition and to rejuvenate your personal and professional life during this most trying of times. Download the white paper today and jump start your transition!

“Scott and the team at Brookestone are standout professionals in a vast recruitment field – they approach opportunities directly and with thought – I have never felt that I was a contact on a prospect sheet – I believe both the companies and professionals they represent benefit by their high degree of detail and professionalism and get the best out of their associations. I would recommend Brookestone to anyone.” Jody D. – Strategic Marketing & Advertising Manager

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