It’s All About You!

In today’s hyper-paced socially intensive and somewhat selfish desires, sometimes we lose sight of TRULY taking care of ourselves. Here’s a shocker – you struggle with trying to balance work and life. You’ve tried to blend your work life and your personal life – deadlines, pressures, ass-hat bosses, family needs, extended, drama-filled family crap, finances and the never-ending half glass of Caymus…and how’s it working for you? Here’s a Brief Whisper, our somewhat irreverent albeit thought-provoking concept that’s worth the 3-1/2 minutes of your ride on the Crazy Train.

With an extended weekend upon us, it’s a time to reflect on those who’ve given so much and some the ultimate sacrifice so you and I can enjoy the pursuit of happiness. No one guarantees your happiness, but you! What are you doing to ensure that mindset? How are you “living out loud?” How are you taking intentional actions to care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health today? When you avoid, stop or feel guilty for taking care of you, you’re inviting poor health, broken relationships, poor job performance, compassion fatigue, addictions and other destructive behaviors.

Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy. – Catherine Rippinger

I could give you the ever-popular, “7-Steps” to whatever rejuvenation returns you to a more healthier you – eat better, sleep better, seek advice, seek medical care, exercise, journal, read, reflect, meditate, and on and on. I think you’ll find more value here:

  • Be Honest With Yourself – honestly step back and evaluate where you are, how happy are you with your professional and personal self. How are you neglecting you? Carl, if ya’ don’t sharpen that saw blade, it ain’t gonna’ cut worth a darn. 
  • Be Intentional – embrace the fact you need to take care of you in order to be your best, to give your best and to enjoy the best of others. Identify the three most vital elements of your life that give you joy, peace and happiness and prioritize your days around them. A business cannot execute more than 3 priorities and be successful so what makes you think you can on your own. 
  • Be Kind To Yourself – remember the line in the initial Men in Black movie, “Be Kind, Rewind.” The best person to motivate is yourself. The most difficult person to motivate is yourself. What you can do daily is to be kind to yourself. How? Act kindly to yourself – taking care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. From smiling at yourself in the mirror, self-talk, “sharpening your saw,” to putting good things inside you so the great things will radiate outside of you!

If you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love others? Isn’t that one of our greatest precepts?


There is no secret, no magic bullet, no litany of quotes and images that can provide you with lasting habitual success here. What you can do is take just one step forward and feel where your rhythm is. As mentioned earlier, it’s not balance or blending – it’s a RHYTHM! Everyone of us has it! Everyone of us feels great when we are in rhythm. What happens to us is as the daily rigors of life mount, we fall back into our ugly, negative and destructive habits that are slowly killing us. STOP! Act, Reflect, Act and Model what is important to you!

Act in the manner that’s in rhythm with yourself – HONESTLY

Reflect on that rhythm and continue or make adjustments as necessary – BE INTENTIONAL

Act again now that you’ve validated or course corrected. Instead of beating yourself up when you “fall off the wagon” – BE KIND TO YOU

Model those winning ways that make you happy to love yourself and then love others. “It all sounds nice and fluffy. Chances are I’ll quit as soon as the going gets tough.” Well, how is neglecting you affecting yours and other’s lives? Select someone you care about and they care about you to tell the answers to some of the above questions to keep you honest and on track. Is it overwhelming so you’re stuck and can’t move? Perhaps, and if it’s that difficult for you, just take one step forward – one honest, intentional step and be kind to you. After all, it is all about you! Here are a three books on the subject that may resonate with you:

When Helping You is Hurting Me – Carmen Renee Berry,

Choosing to Cheat: Who wins when Family and Work Collide – Andy Stanley,

Codependent No More: How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself – Melody Beattie

I hope each and everyone of you has a safe, happy and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family! Remember, many gave their all so you can have the freedoms you enjoy every day. It’s your duty to live life out loud honestly and intentionally.

If you got value from this article, please tell a friend or colleague about it. People will appreciate you for letting them know about a resource that can help them. I welcome your thoughts, comments & questions below.

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