Don’t If You Won’t

I want to believe you picked up this book or are considering getting this book, because somewhere deep inside you there’s a voice telling you, ‘there are infinite possibilities in the world’, and you want that. Right? However, when there’s infinite demand for what becomes possible in the world, the million-dollar question is – can YOU or your company be able or even willing to be one of them – the best, world-class – the possibility that is…

What’s possible is entirely under your control.

You’re either in a conversation where the world dictates TO YOU how it’s going to go, or you’re in a conversation where you have SAY-SO in the matter. What you think and believe has everything to do with what’s possible. There is infinite demand for a bigger possibility in life. If your company isn’t providing it, you’ll lose the possibility and opportunity to fulfill it.

There is infinite demand for a bigger possibility with the future of your organization. If your people can’t see it, then they probably aren’t producing it. Why? Because you don’t believe it. You can sit there and say, ‘I don’t have to listen to this crap from this guy. Who does he think he is?’ Hmm, your ego and past experience will ensure you don’t get any results with status quo. What is it going to take for you to believe it and get off the ‘X’?

Would you rather have a hug and hear, ‘it’s okay, you tried.’

It ultimately comes down to the infinite demand for something unique, a differentiator – your signature experience – where a company deliberately arouses a sense of urgency (lights a fire under everyone’s ass) to execute a bold strategy and have the result be EXACTLY how you said it would be. THIS is your ultimate power!

Now that we’ve lost 1/3 of those who call bullshit and deflect their insecurity onto me, here’s the next question: are you qualified to read this book?

The book I don’t want you to read is not that expensive at all, yet it’s worth millions. A recent client who invested in the material of less than 30-pages, turned their investment of our work and realized a $1.64M net ROI. I want to be sure you fully understnd before you waste your money on something you’re not committed to.

On the very first page, you’re given an insight into how-to go about reading the book for yourself or as a leadership team. Two pages later the stage is set – WHY ARE YOU HERE? If you’re holding this book open to these early pages, I’m asuming you’ve probably been in business for several years, maybe decades and you’re looking for some answers to a better business, better results with less friction.

Most people I know buy business books to gain new insights or to find new answers to old or recurring issues in their business. How many people do you know who have read a book but have never been able to implement the concepts they read about in it? Maybe you’ve found an idea or two that you could use and that made the book worth it. Have you had a breakthrough in your business because you found ‘the secret’, a key to greater sustainable results? Most people, including me, have said ‘yes’…until now.

Don’t Go There If You’re Not Willing To Do the Work.

Let’s see if this book is worth it for you. This conversation may open up something for you as it has me. You don’t need another book on your shelf you were only curious about but you didn’t really have anything invested in making it work for you. The book influences that – or at least how you think about your business moving forward.

Are you expecting to find a better way to operate your business? If your answer is ‘yes’, then put this book down. It will NOT teach you how to do business better. It’s not about doing anything better, faster or whatever. However, if you do read this book, then you will DO business better. I’m not going to tell you how…seriously, you already know how, and you don’t need me to tell you.

Are you expecting to find answers to perplexing questions that may be keeping you from achieving greater results? If you said ‘yes’, then put this book down. There are no answers to your questions about getting greater results. I’m not going to tell you how to solve your problems. However, if you do read this book and allow yourself to be exposed to the kind of thinking few entrepreneurs and business people know to do, then you will discover proven secrets to greater results.

How many people in this world might be willing to truly risk it all to have what they want?

How many people are willing to submit their eogs for a moment to look like the biggest fool in business anyone has ever known? How many of you are willing to stand up and say just exactly how this business of yours is going to go – no matter what, share it completely with your wife or husband, tell your parents that you’re going to either make it or die? How many of your will then tell your employees you believe you (and with their help) can literally change the world by growing this business? Not only are you going to stake your fortune, but your sweat equity to see it through. And then when you’ve told all of the ‘safe’ people in your life – you publish it and declare it to the world. I know the answer…1% of you!

“I stopped explaining myself when people only understood from their perspective.”

Because to commit to something so boldly is to allow people to see your struggle and fail. You must be willing to put aside your greatest fears and the desire to look good in front of your peers. Regardless, people will criticize you for not making it even when you do. There’s a huge difference between arrogance and conviction! This action is not ‘name it and claim it’ either.  Even when you declare how it’s going to go, and you cut your ties to the safety net and climb to the high wire in a blustery wind, people will say you’re a fool. The negative feedback and whispers will keep you fearfully anchored in place where it’s safe – that’s how most business people, entrepreneurs play the game of business. Safe.

So, to those of you about to embark into this conversation of a book, I have this warning: DON’T READ THIS BOOK unless you are willing to give up something you prize most – your current way of thinking and acting, including your current belief system, your current mindset about business. Your business is not something you have the answers about.

You’ll be asked to give up your safety and comfort. If you’re committed and preferable convicted to move everyone forward away from the warm confines of safety, then continue and read this book.  I mean be willing to give up the comfortable feeling you know what makes a business tick, and you know what it’s going to take. When you’re crystal clear about what you want and you’re willing to put your ass on the line for it – willing to either have it kicked or chopped off and look like a fool for doing it – then, congratulations, you might have a chance at making it. Here are 3 promises of this book.

Promise One – To Change the Result, You Must Change the View.

I promise to help you change your view of your business. If you’re going to take your company to the next level of performance the first thing you need to do is change your current view of your business. While you’re at it, you will need to help your employees change their view of your business as well. When you shift your view of your business, new possibilities that were impossible to see while standing where you’re currently standing magically show up. Perspective is everything.

Promise Two – Your Business Isn’t What You Think It Is.

I promise you’ll discover business isn’t at all what you think it is. It’s not better selling practices, or a better marketing plan, or a better brand.  Your strategy and ability to beat out the competition with a better product and service and better pricing is going to put you on top and keep you there – WRONG. If you think that, you’re in for a rude awakening one day sooner or later.  This book is about the conversations you engage in that dominate everything you think, do and produce – the heart of your business, and yet you’re not even aware of.

Promise Three – You Play to Win the Game ALWAYS!

Stop messing around with circumstances.  Stop screwing with everyone in your life including yourself by working hard to keep bad things from happening – to not lose. You’re not in control. You’re leading…so lead! These conversations aren’t ordinary, they are the products of your past experiences, and they create or cut off the blood supply for anything possible in the future. Have you ever noticed how you make plans to create and accomplish something great, like a new strategy for sales. We’ve all seen these plans evaporate in days and weeks and never get implemented. It’s happened in every business and with every leader. It doesn’t mean you’re a lousy leader. It means you don’t understand the principles governing outcomes. The plan you made was a conversation. It was a conversation about doing something differently.

How does life test you with circumstances?

How are you limiting yourself as a result?

It’s  the ‘law of created spaces’. Draw a small circle on a piece of paper. Then draw another circle around that one – only much bigger. Notice the gap between the two. The inner circle represents your current level of playing the game of life or business. The outer circle represents a possibility you haven’t created yet. You will make changes to the way you relate to the circumstances in your life. Life test us because its life. Play big, and deal with new circumstances thrown up in your path. Play small, and don’t worry about circumstances, life will just continue as it has. Safe.

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