It’s All About Relationships

If we are to Lead Elegantly, then we must understand how to connect with others and ourselves.  Earning the right to advance is one of the major tenets in Step 5 of the Elegant Leader with Voltage system.  Your persona, your Golden Sentence, that transparent “what I whisper in the dark IS who I shout from the rooftops” character is where we must learn connection. In order for connection to “stick,” we must first begin with WHY it’s important to connect, HOW we connect and WHAT thoughts and process(es) are vital if we are to have lasting connections.

For many of us, when the topic of leadership is discussed, our initial thoughts immediately take us to significant people in our own lives – whether from real-life experiences, history of our forefathers to modern-day leaders in the US and abroad. Why do you think that is? For some, it’s the impact they made in the lives of others to shape an environment, situation or a country. For others, it’s the impact they made on individuals or organizations that desperately needed their help and influence – their voice.

Leadership is not about eloquent speeches, circling the wagons or grabbing a flag of righteousness and telling the minions to follow. Elegant Leadership inspires, it encourages, it mobilizes and leverages diverse populations to do more to accomplish more than can be accomplished singularly.

We’re not good by ourselves, but when we go out as a group we’re pretty damn amazing

A connection, in this context, is not a socially-inspired friend or some superficial relationship. It is a direct link from one person to another – that deep feeling or need where two people who believe what each other believes. We certainly know what a disconnect is. The “whoops” we see in today’s society driven by technology. We blame miscommunications on some form of perception, a lack of skill or willingness to hear and to listen to the individual communicating.

We aim our zeal with reverent fervor at another individual with reckless disdain without so much as a forethought or attempt at understanding…aww poor you, poor you,  you’re left to wonder why your relationships don’t last, lack depth, meaning and purpose!

Successful leadership is the positive rhythm between your ego, the results and your relationships

A connection is that moment in time where a bond, a link with another person is formed – common ground is established, a shared purpose or value is met. Every step forward from this point is based upon that initial connection. Some call it chemistry, a spark, something they feel. Feelings are emotional, ever-changing, vacillating favorably and unfavorably continuously throughout the day’s life experience.

One reason external motivations do not lead to everlasting change is they are based on feelings as opposed to an internal belief system change that affects behaviors. They can stimulate change, but they are not the driver or the underpinning for foundational change. Connections are initially built on the perceived value of beliefs and actions. They are perpetuated on the repetitive positive or negative behaviors we exhibit.

In order to have deep, meaningful relationships that create a synergistic life experience at home or at work, we must connect with and to each other. Without this connection, the foundation of trust cannot be built, and the foundational existence of any relationship is not and will not be present. We weren’t created to be alone, and we all need each other…maybe not everyone for all of us, but relationships nonetheless. Have you met someone who you didn’t initially connect with, but as you grew to know them you really enjoyed being with them? Certainly, we all have and for some those relationships are highly valued because of the common ground that was forged. Common interests, beliefs, conference attendees, job functions, titles, schools and countries unite us to be connected.

“When you’re surrounded by people who believe what you believe amazing things can happen.” – Simon Sinek

There’s an interesting dynamic when we meet someone with shared collegiate experience years or decades apart, or corporate alumni who meet as attendees at a large conference and so on. The basis of connection is one and the same – a link, an association that forms an initial connection. A connection begins the basis of a relationship, no matter how long or temporary it may be, it is formed between two people. Authenticity, actively listening, being genuinely interested, or not will bridge your connection or validate the disconnect for that engagement.

Don’t tell me what I think I want to hear. If I want to connect, if I want to be drawn to you and you to me, then we need that desire to attract ourselves to each other. If I want to grow my leadership skills as a business professional, a manager a C-suite, even a parent, then I need to connect better than I have before.

Am I crystal clear on who I want in my life?

Am I willing to do what it takes to connect with other people?

How do I give a piece of myself to someone else for that human interaction  I so desperately want and yet am so afraid to let down my guard?

If we are to genuinely be that valued member of society than it’s imperative we first learn how to connect with one another. We can talk about communities, connections, cohorts and tribes; however, the point is regardless of its moniker, relationships matter – where two people come together with a common set of beliefs and values. It’s not someone who you can get something out of or from – that is a transaction. Sadly today, too many people consider relationships and transactions as equal.

Many companies talk about how important a relationship is – we live it every day – genuinely, authentically and with transparency. We hand-select every client – you should too.  Your personal and professional reputation is proven daily with relationships that have influence and impact; and, your success in both realms is largely based on the quality of those relationships. You cannot rest on your laurels and expect relationships to grow automatically. To Lead Elegantly with Voltage, it’s not enough to be proactive or preventive.

Elegant Leaders establish, develop and strengthen relationships daily and habitually. There will be relationships to repair, relationships to nurture and relationships to strengthen, and the people with the most influence and impact realize this dynamic and then act upon it.

If you want to add value to each other’s connection, to live with the law of reciprocity, then becoming an Elegant Leader with Voltage may be for you. In some cases, clients struggle to position themselves for the best work opportunities. Some feel insecure about their current role or their current company, while others are already in a career transition. You have an opportunity to be more productive by improving the quality and quantity of relationships around you as an Elegant Leader with Voltage. Click here to receive our FREE guide to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage. With the guide, we include our no-cost monthly program for you to test drive the proven strategies we share with business professionals and executives alike, no strings attached. To learn more about our organization, click here.

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