Rhythm and Rest

If you’re tired, worn out by working in your own strength versus allowing God’s strength to be made perfect in your weakness for your business. When you keep company with Him through your life and work,  He will be your teacher and show you how to work from rest in an unforced rhythm of grace.

Rhythm comes from the Greek word ‘rhythmos’ meaning a measured flow or movement.  If the rhythm is unforced it means it’s not forced, but rather a natural flow – and it’s God’s grace so it’s a supernatural flow! When you’re in the company with Jesus, He will teach you how to flow supernaturally in your business – that’s one of the beautiful gifts of grace!

If His company is the prerequisite for learning how to flow supernaturally in your business the next question should be “How do I keep company with Jesus?”

The answer lies in the intimacy with Him – keeping a two-way conversation going, allowing Him to speak to you through His Word and by the Holy Spirit. His answer also lies in working from His rest. Rest is an ongoing awareness of the presence of an unchanging and all-powerful God in your life.  It is not something you have to work and to strive for; you simply realize and wake up to it. Rest lives inside you because you and Christ are one – there’s no distance between you!

Working by grace helps you avoid making an idol out of hard work and mistaking your identity as being your work. When you work in His rest and partner with His flow, you won’t allow grinding to make you miss out on God ideas, inspired thoughts, warnings, and course corrections which are all gifts of God’s empowering grace.

Divine Favor

Divine or supernatural favor is a demonstration of God’s sovereignty and loving-kindness towards His children. A manifestation of blessing designed to help you and to help others extend the Kingdom of God on earth – an amazing benefit of working by God’s grace.

The favor of God yields both material and spiritual benefits. It brings influence and impact, divine appointments and connections,  and more – sudden breakthroughs, financial provision, redemption from missed opportunities. All of those benefits would not have occurred on your own. God in the eyes of others and draw you into a closer relationship with Him.

With divine favor, things that would’ve taken you ten years to do in your business will be accomplished within months. You’ll find yourself sitting in key meetings that you normally wouldn’t have the credentials to be invited to.  Things that otherwise would have been impossible suddenly are made possible. You absolutely need the favor of God (and the favor of men that He orchestrates) in order to accomplish the dreams He has placed in your heart for the marketplace.

When God places you in a favored position, He gives you influence in order to be a blessing to the people around you. You are blessed – empowered to prosper – to bless others. It is certainly possible to earn the favor of men and gain influence in your own strength. Too many entrepreneurs get stuck with the earned natural favor. The invitation God is offering you is to ignite a confident expectation for something distinctively more powerful.  He is inviting you to experience divine favor in your business; favor that is orchestrated by Him.

Nothing will be impossible for you when your motives are pure and your business pursuits are willingly surrendered to God. Raise your expectations, lean into His presence, and remember He is able to make all grace abound toward you. Want to know more about how His grace uplifts your business and you? Come visit us at the #ManUp movement here. 

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