Here’s to Your Perfect Average Day

After five decades of doing it wrong and hosing most of it up, I’ve learned in a remedial sort of way the best moments in life were the simplest and sweetest that just brushed past me. They were not the Holidays, the hallmark birthdays, nor the days work achievements that were important. They were the average days. Capture the details, all the details. Here’s a guide to help you have a great day. Click here if you want a printed copy.

What time would you wake up?

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

What are you feeling right now in this moment?

What do you see when you look around?

Who’s with you when you wake up?

What do they mean to you?

Do you see anything else?

As you begin your day, remind yourself what you are thankful for. Write down 3-5 things you’re most thankful for?

Who are you grateful for?  Come up with 2-3 names right now? 

Send them a brief note. Thank them RIGHT NOW from your phone. I’m thankful for having you in my life, or thank you for being there for me, etc. Show your gratitude to these special people in your life NOW!

What are you going to do in the early morning?

Who’s with you?

What do you want your morning routine to look like?

What are you doing next? Why? Where are you?

What are you doing before lunch?

Where are you? Describe the atmosphere around you.

Describe your lunch – what are you eating and who are you with?

How are you feeling in the atmosphere around you and who you’re with?

What’s next in your day?

What’s your afternoon look like?

Who are you with? Where are you?

What do you wish you would have accomplished to this point in your day?

What can you do to get back to it and have an impact? Will you?

Remember, this is your great day and capture the details.

What does your late afternoon look like before work ends?

Who’s with you and where are you? What’s going on?

What’s gone well to this point of your day?

What’s going through your mind right now?

What are you thinking about?

Where are you heading after work?

Describe dinner – who are you with, where are you, what are you having?

Describe the atmosphere, what’s going on?

What’s next in your evening?

What are you doing between dinner and bed?

Describe your bed – the colors, material, pillows, lighting, mood around you.

Grab a pad and pen – take a moment and reflect on your Great Day.

What are you grateful for today?

What was a highlight of your Great Day today?

Who helped you have a Great Day today?

What are you doing before you go to bed?

What’s your last thought before going to sleep?

The best part to this plan is you have permission to Have a Great Day all over again tomorrow. Remember, your greatest days capture the simplest moments in life. I hope you have an amazing day after day. Click here if you want a printed copy

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