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Nearly everyone who takes on a new role wants to succeed and to succeed quickly during the crucial first 100 days. From the hiring manager to the recruiting firm or internal recruiters, they want to see the newly hired candidates and clients succeed. Often, a company is concerned about onboarding executives whether it’s filling an important strategic role, bringing in someone to shake things up or replacing a widely-recognized incumbent who’s recently retired. The transition to being proficient and successfully integrated into the corporate culture is vital for everyone’s success.

Three key reasons why onboarding is the most critical component of hiring new and promoting employees:

• Minimize the ramp-up time to deliver results sooner,

• Ensure culture fit within the organization to mitigate risk of poor fit,

• Protect your investment by minimizing the risk of premature departure

The newly hired professional wants to make a great first impression. They’re excited for the opportunity to become indoctrinated to the culture and the way things get done around here, to navigate the political structure that exists and to avoid crucial errors. Laying the foundation to deliver great results, forge strong relationships and improve job security is at the top of their minds as well.

What would a solution be worth to you to ensure your Executives stick around more than 24-months? We’re so confident of our proven system, we’ll guarantee their success.

Where many companies miss the boat is by not having a clearly defined onboarding process that ensures the time and investment of bringing on the new employee returns value in less time. It’s no longer simply linking up a mentor who can be a resource for the new employee – while that’s a good practice, it’s not enough to just ‘be nearby.’ There are key people throughout the organization who the new employee will interact with and a structured, defined process proven over time is what it takes to ensure formal and informal success is met.

Here are some highlights we’ve found to be true and part of how we ensure the success of our onboarding program:

Help your manager win. Understanding their criteria for success will help you succeed, too.

Get to know your team. We help you build strong relationships that have high-value and lasting results.

The best culture fit. Even though many companies hire for fit, some have distinct needs and roles to fill. Ensuring there’s a common set of values and beliefs between the employee and the company are galvanized.

Aligning key players throughout the organization. Learn who the power players are, become aligned with them and how to navigate the tricks and traps that exist in the political side of the organization.

Avoid landmines. Additionally, understanding who the key players are is to avoid political issues and sacred cows. You need to know what you don’t know.

Observe and discover. Take enough time to learn before jumping in with ideas that may be misinformed.

Create your development plan to keep improving and getting better.

Create your plan of action. Developing a plan with your report-to is vital to your success early on.

Onboarding your manager. We take an additional step by including your report-to in the onboarding process so they have a clear understanding of how you deliver impact from their influence.

Studies show the initial weeks and months of a new hires tenure are critical. Getting it right can dramatically accelerate the transformation of a new hire into a fully functioning business leader. Getting it wrong can be very costly as research shows that the average cost of a failed executive hire is $2.7 million USD (Forbes 5/2008).

Our proprietary onboarding services grew organically from our Executive Search process helping top organizations assimilate new executives in a more structured and effective way. We reduce the time it takes for them to start making a meaningful impact, deliver results and maximize their personal engagement with the organization and the brand. Our evidence-based expertise support and add guidance to the new Executive creating a personalized onboarding plan specifically tailored to the individual’s and the organization’s needs.

Most organization’s internal process do not put meat-on-the-bone when it comes to achieving the following:

1. Identify executives’ strengths and optimizes key competencies for success

2. Provide role clarity by communicating simply and powerfully across the organization

3. Accelerate integration with organizational culture, strategy, and leadership team

4. Map key relationships providing a blueprint for influence with impact

5. Deliver critically timed feedback from key stakeholders

Many new employees have no idea how to answer the following questions. Can your recent hires answer these simple questions without hesitation or thought?

What are your manager’s professional and personal aspirations? 

What is your manager’s communication style? 

What are the values of the organization? 

Which of your values fit best within the culture? 

How will you adapt to the new culture? 

What do you need to discover before you act?

If you want to minimize the ramp-up time for your new employees to deliver results sooner, galvanize their fit within your organization and mitigate the risk of poor fit, and to protect your investment by minimizing the risk of premature departure, then having a conversation on how we can personalize an onboard solution is a smart decision.

Here’s the deal – what would it be worth to you to ensure your new hires from manager level to Tier I and II leaders, VP/SVP’s and C-suite succeed and don’t bail on you after 12, 18, 24-months? We guarantee, yes you’re reading that right a guarantee, our Onboarding clients receive a minimum 5X return on their investment. Call Brookestone Associates today 205-482-2177 and join nearly a hundred companies across 12 countries we’ve served. If you’re still not sure and you want to do more research, then download this free 100-day assessment or our eBook – Onboarding for Executive Success

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