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Your goal as the leader is to generate more leaders. We’ve helped dozens of organizations build pipelines of leaders for decades. We’ve created a development program for your High Performers and High Potentials that translates into real results!

The High Performance Leadership Academy is a small group of talented managers meeting monthly over a 6- or 12-month period with a single-minded purpose:

Show significant, measurable improvements in performance.

We do this with relevant, practical content, coaching, facilitation, sharing best practices, and accountability – all directly connected to each participant’s current role and their performance goals.

The difference between leaders who are successful and those who are not is extremely small – How do they handle the defining moment under stress, and How that result shapes future behaviors. We teach and coach your managers overcome stress that can negatively affect their performance. 

Enroll one of  Your High-Performance of High Potentials Today!

  • Monthly four-hour meetings over 12months*
  • Best practices proven to engage & enable results
  • Accountability for serious performance gains
  • One-on-one coaching included
  • Meetings focus on one leadership topic for results
  • Seasoned leadership development delivery expert

*we also offer a 6 month evolution

Your Goal As A Leader

Your focus must be on what really matters, eliminate obstacles and drive results without sacrificing relationships while developing leaders. Here’s an Elegant Leader’s must do list:

  • Develop a generation of leaders. Be candid, tell them!
  • Demonstrate daily how you value people!
  • Ensure resources for growth in their role are available
  • Model the behaviors you expect to be modeled
  • Bake into your culture how important and committed leadership is

Stop settling for present circumstance. Break through from where you are today to where you must go! If you’re looking to gain clarity, stay focused on what matters most and elimiante overwhelm for you and your organization, then here’s a tool to give you the rhythm you must have to be successful. It’s been said, there are companies who watch what happen, some who wonder what happened and few who make it happen.

Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage Today!

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