Communicate with Clarity & Effectiveness

Increase the Pace of Change and Keep Moving People Forward

Lead Teams on Informal Influence Not Formal Titles

Improve Impact With More Credibility and Increased Trust

When we communicate simply and powerfully we are successfully conveying our point while gleaning value from those around us. Talking is not communicating. We often hear something different than what was said. There are many barriers to communication that influence each relationship.

Instead of creating a barrier of withdrawl…

‘I can’t trust Sarah to do that job!’

adopt a simple, powerful mindset…

‘When I provide consistent coaching, resources, support and follow-up, Sarah gets the job done better than I expected.’

Commit to improving and eliminating barriers to communication by applying any of the strategies we offer to communicate simply and powerfully. Discover what it means to be an effective communicator, and think strategically about communication as an important process in an organization.

Before inviting us to share the strategies that produce significant, sustainable results with stronger relationships, let’s discuss what your unique situation looks like today and what it must look like to be successful. No obligation, no strings attached. Access my private calendar by clicking below.

If you're looking for...

♦     A Cohesive, Reliable Team with Stronger Relationships

♦     A Healthier Work Environment Producing Serious Results,

    Improved Productivity & Enhanced Morale

then the Communicate Simply & Powerfully Workshop is for you!

Elegant Leaders are great listeners as well as lifelong learners. Every interaction is an opportunity to build and strengthen a relationship and get results effortlessly. Here are several examples of Listening Powerfully:

Do you or your people listen without judging, without interrupting?

Do you or your people listen for an opportunity to serve as the leader?

Do you or your people listen for excitement and engagement, or is the opportunity missed to encourage?

Listening powerfully means finding ways to encourage new possibilities, to guide your team to the best direction and have them commit to a specific course of action and accountabilities.

Communicate Concisely With Impact

Be The Message

Adapt the Message to the Audience

Communicating is about saying what you mean – simple. No one cares about what jargon is used, nor do they want to hear some self-aggrandizement either. Be clear, concise and compelling – powerful. That’s what this workshop is about – simple strategies, powerful results.

When was the last time you deeply listened to someone you cared about? Have you noticed when having a conversation with someone less meaningful to you there’s a tendency to drift off? Can you imagine the consequence of doing that to a customer, a client, your boss or your child?

What You'll Learn

     How-to Show up & Be the Message

♦     What Authenticity Means to Open, Honest Communication & Stronger Relationships

♦     Listening With Purpose to Influence with Impact 

♦     Develop Greater Flexibility by Adopting Six Powerful Approaches

♦     Elevate Your Situational Awareness & Adapt Your Style to More Effective Outcomes

♦     Move Conversations Forward Towards Results

♦     Leverage the Rule of 3 to Succinctly Communicate Without Distraction

We bring a 3-part methodology to your organization addressing engagement, communication and strategic issues. Best of all, our methodology doesn’t require invasive organizational development strategies. Instead, we focus on simple, powerful and practical behaviors with maximum impact on your leaders’ ability to listen and speak powerfully and model the message.

Have More Confidence and Improve Perceptions

Be More Influential and Improve Authentic Impact

Build a Stronger Culture Through Improved Communication

Think Strategically About Communication As A Critical Process

Whether you have a specific individual who would benefit from one-on-one work, a group of Legacy Leaders or Emerging Leaders, or you want to incorporate our work into your existing Leadership Development programs, we personalize our delivery that fits your goals. Want to know how you or one of your colleagues stack up? Take our complementary communication assessment by clicking here.

You next best step is to move forward today and call me for a no obligation conversation today! Together, we can create a plan and show you how to implement your plan to get the results you must have to be succesful with stronger relationships.

Bottom Line:
We Help Leaders Have Powerful Impact When They Communicate

Read what others are saying about the value we bring, the relationships we strengthen and the results achieved from two-fold to as high as ten-fold. You decide.

“Scott’s ability to relate and to speak specifically to how our business operates and how to adapt his style to our people in the Academy has been nothing short of amazing. He and his team did their homework to truly understand how we operate daily. The Academy gave me and my team great insights into how we can make changes that impact our performance and our lives. Our operations metric improvements are nothing short of amazing – FPY went from 94% to 99.8%, employee morale went from abysmal and worried about union incursions to over 54% engaged to now 73% engaged, turnover has dramatically reduced, and we went from losing $1M monthly for 9 months to now a $1.4M surplus. I can’t say enough about how on target this message has been for all of us.”

High Performance Academy – Jeremy Whitaker, VP/GM Operations

“Scott is a standout professional in a vastly, crowded space. He approaches opportunities directly and with thought. I have always felt he cared about my success and my future and never a contact on a prospect sheet.  I believe companies and professionals that Scott represents benefit by his high degree of detail, professionalism and get the best out of their associations. I highly recommend Scott to anyone!” – Jody D., SVP, Marketing – FMCG

Jody D., Sr. VP, Marketing

“I have the sincere and honest desire; the courage, the willingness and ability to commit to change and eliminate unproductive behaviors. This is no easy journey. It is not for the faint at heart. and it doesn’t happen overnight.” – C. Kemmerer, President – The Buchner Group

The Buchner Group

“I’m currently entering the last week of a 7 week Elegant Leader program with Scott and I must say that I’ve taken many leadership courses over the years and this is the first one that I’m truly sad is ending. Scott is, well, elegant. He’s also humble, down to earth and speaks in a language that means something to me, both professionally and personally.

Through his leadership I’ve learned so much about myself and things I was doing that were holding me back. After attending this course, I feel much calmer and secure about my role, my successes and my shortcomings. Thank you Scott for sharing your gift and for anyone on a journey of self-fulfillment and/or improvement, I don’t think you can go wrong here.”  – Anita K, Lead System Analyst

Anita K.

Amazing insight and thank you very much. I have preached for years about ” earning the right to be heard” which can only be done over time, consistently, with no strings attached, purposefully and with the intention to give and not get which I believe builds trust. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

Billy Southerland
IronRoad CEO

The importance of self-introspection on how to improve my behaviors to help others was the biggest impact so far. Since completing all of the modules, my group has realized a 12% increase in throughput and a scrap reduction by 28%. I’ve been able to apply real solutions that are giving me sustainable results. The Academy should be required for everyone in leadership!

High Performance Academy – Nick P., Mfg. Group Leader

Thank you for your valuable insights during our keynote. Results and relationships are two vital areas we all should be working towards successfully. I especially enjoyed and learned more about how to truly connect with people – your remarks were very helpful.

K.D. Madigan

Great information for me to use that strengthens what I’ve been applying in my career – good ammunition for me to use every day. Please come back and speak to our company again.

C. Mitchell
Career Counselor

Click on the link below to see how a simple, powerful assessment can be a game changer in the right hands.

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