Culture As A Competitive Advantage

What's Preventing Excellence in Your Business?

How Long Can You Tolerate Weak Performance?

Does Your Organization Have the Capacity to Change?

Stop tolerating performance that’s not meeting your expectations!

Once you get to the root cause preventing optimal performance, everything changes in the way your people and teams communicate, get things done, and achieve results. Our non-invasive process gets to your root cause faster. The problem is most organizations don’t go deep enough to reach the true root cause to uncover extraordinary outcomes. Instead, they focus on compromised surface solutions – it’s not enough to be sustainable!

Find out right now with this FREE Self Survey if your people have the capacity, the capability to withstand change! 65% of over 2,000 survey respondents, cited change fatigue as the largest reason change attempts fail, and only about half felt their organization had the capabilities to deliver change. When employees are asked to implement too many changes at once, they become fatigued and frustrated because they lack the capabilities needed to ensure change is sustainable.

Source:  Strategy& Transformation and Culture Success, 2014

What Problems Must Be Solved Now?

We’re Always Fighting Our Competition

We’re Too Slow to Execute

We Execute Well, We’re Poor at Strategy and Planning

We’re Too Slow to Innovate

We’re Too Siloed to Collaborate

Disengaged Internally and With Our Customers

False Sense of Urgency, always fighting fires

We’re Complacent

We’re Busy Managing and Not Leading

We’re Concerned About Protecting Our Turf

What Does It Take?


Many Executives and Organizations we work with focus on two areas

Leading or
Accelerating Change

Some clients we work with are focused on

High Growth, High Performing Culture

…and others want a focus on

Improving Engagement, Retention and Turnover

A Simple, Powerful and Practical Approach

Leading in the moment takes people who know what they want, leaders who see an ambitious future and ignite the full force of their people to make it a reality. At Brookestone Associates, we influence formal and informal leaders to use their unique DNA (dynamic natural ability) to achieve uncommon results. We come alongside to lead through new challenges focused on your windows of opportunity! We strengthen your people to perform their best, and confidently confront disruptive change head on with results baked in to every step.

Our three-phased approach focuses on behaviors, disciplines, relationships and results in concert. We assess your current state from where you are today to where you must go to be successful long term. We leverage the favorable aspects of your culture while integrating a creative approach to adopt beahviors and disciplines better suited to your specific situation. What we do is simple, practical and powerful – because it can be replicated readily, under stress when and where it’s needed most!

Our Top 3 Advantages:

     100% focused on PRACTICAL, MEASURABLE RESULTS for you and your organization. Our goal is you receive at least a 5-10x return from our work together.

     A proven, in-depth methodology and system to set your organization apart — no fluff, pseudoscience, or academic jargon.

     Most accessible guidance in the industry ensuring you and your employees a successful and sustainable outcome.

We only accept 3 clients each year – you expect access and you’re paying for exclusivity & results! We minimize distractions and urgencies so you know you’re a priority. We offer 3 entry points to fit your unique budget needs. Schedule a no obligation, no sales pitch conversation to see if working together makes sense for us both Click here

The Blueprint for Continuous Growth and Performance!

Get Beyond High Level Descriptors

Keep the message simple and focused! Your stated values aren’t being lived out and certain pervasive behaviors impede great performance and thus stagnate growth. Here we #DoSimpleBetter together.

Leverage the Chocolate Fountain

You, your team and your best managers need to seriously improve leadership skills (or you wouldn’t be here). The Chocolate Fountain™ delivers alignment throughout your organization – everyone notices, engagement increases.

You Are The Missing Link

If you’re to turn around performance – beyond strategy and financial performance, then submitting yourself humbly to authentic, transparent leadership sets the tone for the entire organization, AND what’s expected from everyone else.

Do You Want to Lead or Accelerate Change?

We go deep into the habits, routines, and behaviors that permeate how things get done in the organization centered around the windows of opportunity. Why? Because results come first BEFORE culture changes! Without being invasive, we help you define what you want your culture to be in the organization, and create discipline up, down, and across the business ensuring the highest levels of performance.

If you are open to support in creating constantly improving levels of performance and results in your organization, we have a methodology and unparalleled set of tools to help you succeed. We have been doing this work for three decades of evolution with leading CEOs and welcome a conversation with you to discuss the options available for you. Does your company have the Cultural Capacity for High Performance? Click here  and find out.

Do You Want to Create a High Performing Growth Culture?

5 Reasons For Accelerating Into the Curve

♦     Gain an Immediate Edge Over Your Competition

♦     Greater Alignment and Focus on What Matters Most

♦     Generate More & Better Ideas Faster

♦     Implement Ideas More Quickly

♦     Attract and Retain the Right Talent

It comes down to TWO fundamental goals underscoring every situation:

1)  Increase Revenue, Profits and Decrease Costs

2)  Become More Effective, Efficient, or both

Our Culture Influencing programs are the people side of change with culture being the visible force multiplier moving your people and organization forward to a new level competitive advantage. Here’s the rub…

Change by its very nature disrupts certainty and predictability, and this key point of emphasis is why culture change is uncomfortable for you! We deliver a change process using the power of culture to maximize change success and optimize operational effectiveness. Our culture levers have been proven to be twice as likely to result in a change initiatives’ success than others. We offer 3 entry points for you to step in to what fits your needs, goals and  comfort zone.

We utilize 7 Key Culture Actions and layer them into our change methodology as part of our strategy. The image analogy is one of a chocolate fountain flowing through each layer of your organization. We move you from where you are today to a high-performance growth organization – harnessing the power of culture through intelligent change simply, practically, powerfully and gracefully – where you know you must go!

If you’d like to jump start your process, take advantage of one of three entry points:  90-Day Culture Accelerator™, Advancing Your Culture™ or Influencing Your Culture.

The Four Archetypes Defining Your Culture

4 critical dimensions drive the habits and behaviors of your organization: Community – the need to be a part of something great & the need for one another; Education – a thirst to learn and grow personally and professionally; Acquire – a desire to possess, retain and enjoy; and Safety – the need and assurance to feel safe and work without fear. These four dimensions align with the four culture archetypes present in all workplaces around the world.

The 7 Conditions of Successful Change

you first must answer two questions…

Why Change Now? 

to move from ‘how we do things around here’ to ‘this is how we’re expected to do things around here’ takes conviction and determination.

Do We Have the Skill?

The second part – the skill, the compentency – takes the will to acquire the skill to go all the way to learn whatever is necessary. Too many programs fall short due to the lack of will or skill or both.

Conviction: Top leaders must exhibit the change because you’re the most visible levers of change. This means acknowledging we all have opportunity to change ineffective habits, behaviors and perceptions and endure the possible discomfort of adopting new habits.

Clarity:  We know where we are going and why.  Your people need to understand how their role, contribution and performance supports the overall strategy.

Consensus:  People reach consensus about change when you lead, guide and inspire change – any change. The Chocolate Fountain™ leverages formal and informal networks of your communication system.

Communication:  Without continuous communication, there will be no understanding, respect, confidence and no will to make change stick this time. Your message echoed by me is, ‘why we’re doing this’, ‘what direction we’re going in’ and ‘how far we are already’. We’re moving from a mindset of ‘things will go wrong’ to ‘things are going to be okay.’

Copy, Coach Consistently We see people copy and coach each other every day. Informal leaders, managers, well-connected people and others who see new behaviors being rewarded create this lever.  We leverage role models via our change circles.  An unexpected phenomenon occurs where as we cultivate a pipeline of new leaders, and new leaders replicate the effective behaviors of change.

Critical Mass When the small behaviors begin to spread across the organizational system, you’re on track! With Brookestone Associates, you’ve found a proven process. It’s time to follow the process. When we process is reinforced and more people begin to think and act collaboratively critical mass is reached.

Carry On This is the never, never give up step! You WILL be tempted to quit, and you WILL be tempted to go back to how things used to be – especially as stress rises. It will happen slowly and gradually if you take your eye of the ball.

• • • • • • • •

FACT:  Every time a leader ‘let’s go’ back into the old comfort zone, all of your efforts will erode – guaranteed! Seen it, lived it and even did it. Coming back from this setback is 3-5X more difficult and will take just as much longer to correct and reestablish change.

Ask yourself this question, ‘When we solve this problem, what will the behaviors look like to sustain change.’

Case Study #1: Reversing Sales Prevention

Our client had hit a sales plateau. They had worked with two other agencies over 24 months providing minimal lift, until they worked with us and saw sales increase by 22% within 6 months. The solution had nothing to do with more sales training, a new sales process, better sales contests, or motivational speeches. That’s linear thinking! Instead, we had the company shift the entire culture of the sales team, from one that had grown complacent becoming ‘order takers’ to one that was assertive, tenacious in getting generating new business. We uncovered their root cause quickly and efficiently of poor performance. They took ownership of the client’s business value and how supporting their client’s business growth penetrated share 3X and significant revenue gain.

We Build Unity and Ignite Urgency to Concentrate on Windows of Opportunity to Outperform Your Competition

I invite you to apply today to see if working together makes sense for us both. I’m only accepting one new client for 2021. Schedule a no obligation, exclusive conversation today!

2020 was a nightmare for many unfortunately. Our socio-economic and political future is filled with uncertainty.  What hasn’t changed is your demand for results. By offering this level of access & intimacy you get undivided attention. Schedule a no obligation, exclusive conversation to see if working together makes sense for us both.

Case Study #2: Fear Failure Faster

Our client had recently opened a new unit in a new market absorbing $80M debt in the start-up. The 300 employees and managers were isolated and fearful while business hemorraged cash monthly before we came along. During our work together, we experienced 3 CEO’s turnover in 16 monts. The solution had nothing to do with right-sizing the workforce or streamlining process and systems. Instead, we had the C-suite shift the entire culture to an environment of safety and innovaiton by moving the environment to ‘how we’re expected’ to work with one another. It took nearly all 16 monthly to solidify and replicate trust due to senior leadership turnover. We went from $1.2M monthly shortfall to $1.64M investment gain by influencing their culture one person at a time…that’s ROI!

What Are the Facts?

86% of C-suite executives and 84% of all managers and employees say culture is critical to their organization’s success

60% see culture as a bigger success factor than either their strategy or their operating model

96% said some change to their culture is needed

51% think their culture requires a major overhaul

75% believe their company needs significant culture restoration as over 70% of employees are fully disengaged at work

Source: Strategy& survey on Organizational Culture, 2016

You Have 3 Options - it's Your Choice

How We Influence Change

We Are the Organizational Glue! Through Our Change Circles™ We Engage, Empower and Co-create Sustainable Change.

How You Influence Change

Integrating Your Key People Into the Process Strategically building Consensus and Critical Mass through Small Groups

click on any image above to uncover what a best next step looks like

90-Days to Influence

Lead and Accelerate the Desired Results You Must Have to Sustain Success While Your Culture Continues Moving Forward

90-day Quick Start

In our 90-Day Culture Accelerator™ program, we assess where you are and where you want to go uncovering and implementing a blueprint for your success. The blueprint quantifies and connects what’s healthy about your current culture to your top priorities, customer experiences, growth and performance, employee engagement and quality.

Key Benefits:  uncover the critical behaviors, habits, values and climate affecting your outcomes. We build in ownership across the organization like a chocolate fountain with accountability and confidence. We adjust strategies and plans with employee involvement supporting shared learning and results. Once you stick your toe in the water, you and your team will want to keep going.

Integrate & Support Your Team by Advancing Your Culture™

We begin with our Culture Accelerator™ program and add your key people into the process to create the Culture Advantage. This is far beyond a ‘train-the-trainer’ exercise as we coach your team in the same manner our culture experts learned. We integrate and transition your team to lead, implement and, accelerate change capitalizing on new windows of opportunity. One of the serendipities of this model is we develop a pipeline of new leaders. You give greater meaning and purpose to your effort and extraordinary results are possible. We guide and coach you through your DIY program.

Influencing Your Culture

We deploy the first two entry points in the Culture Advantage program in a logical sequence leveraging our Change Circles™ to help your company get to the root cause of what’s prevented excellence previously, overcome the bureaucracy to achieve and sustain higher performance faster. Change evolves and influences how your people and teams communicate, get things done, and achieve results.  Instead of focusing on surface solutions, we go deeper to create community, collaboration, healthy competition and discipline up, down, and across assuring extraordinary outcomes. Access my private calendar here.  How would you like to jump start the process? Get my guidebook for your team to discuss what works in your situation? This step-by-step guidebook is what I walk every executive team through. Simply click the button below.

You expect access and you’re paying for exclusivity & results minimizing the distractions – you’re a priority. I’m accepting only 1 new client this year! Choose one of  3 entry points to fit your unique situation. Schedule a no obligation, no sales pitch conversation to see if working together makes sense for us both. Call me direct +1 205-482-2177

What's the Investment?

Influencing change that stick requires you to lead your people, to influence and impact them – one person at a time. You’re driving this initiative and determine the pace, the size and the scope of your investment. We are the tip of the spear to your growth and performance. How much is a solution worth to you? I’ll candidly tell you if it’s reasonable or not. If we don’t believe we can deliver 5-10X ROI,  then we won’t accept the project. Would you ask a surgeon for a 15-minute surgery to save time and money? What we do is:

Bottom-up & Inclusive. We engage everyone with personal and collective change concurrently,

Focused. On windows of opportunity and the specific, daily behaviors, perceptions and habits to realize the results you MUST have!


Unsuccessful Change is Like Laying Sod on Asphalt 

Here’s the failed playbook:

Top-down & Exclusive. The masters of the universe decide and tell everyone what to do
Impersonal & Analytical. Focus on procedures and processes, numbers and plans vs. people – linear thinking.
Divided. Generic, abstract values and concepts that don’t translate to behaviors, reality or results.
Predictable. The expert mindset with leader-engineers and rational robot-employees.

For those who’ve gone before us littering the pavement of failed engagements, here’s the penultimate error – a prevalent mechanical way of thinking – conventional wisdom is more outdated than ever before. Stop wasting precious time, people, money and energy. You know in your gut if you have the stones to see it thru. The question becomes, ‘will you’?

The Promise is in The Process

You Cannot Expect a Culture to Merely ‘be’

You Are the Most Important Part of the Culture

You Influence and Evolve a Culture Intentionally

We’re handing you a step-by-step fluid process adaptable to any market condition and organizational lifecycle stage you can use over and over again

Is Your Culture Battle Worth Fighting?

While over 95% of C-suite and employees believe culture change is necessary, less than half will do little if anything about it.

Only 32% say their culture aligns with their strategy, according to Korn Ferry study of C-level executives, 2017

That’s 68% percent of highly successful, highly educated professionals who are driving blind!

If so many people are disengaged and so many culture projects fail, then why bother? Two reasons – because too many so-called ‘experts’ are trying to impose too many changes too quickly to demonstrate ROI faster and too many leaders don’t have the guts to see the project to completion. It takes the typical Executive 4-6 months to change an ineffective behavior to neutral and then another 6-18 months more to become highly effective. It’s in your hands, and the only way to fail is to quit!

But, you’re the best – the elite! Organizations need time to correct, understand what the new normal of expectations must become and to sustain effective efficient results takes time. Time and money are precious, and we’re not going to waste a moment or a dollar. It’s too critical to us both!

Still unsure? Then get the book, Influencing Culture:  Accelerating Change with Influence and Impact.  – the book we take every Leadership and Executive team through to discover or uncover the resident gold mine once you take advantage of the windows of opportunity in front of you.

Cuture is No Longer an Invisible Hand

You Know When and Where Business is Working Well

Your People Determine What’s Possible When We Expand What’s Working Well

Together, We Design What We Will Do Next, and

Together, We Deliver How to Do it

10 Reasons Why Organizational Change Fails

No Commitment from Leaders 

No Clarity on Status Quo

No Understand of Why Change Now

No Confidence on Which Objectives to Change

No Engagement, thus No Consensus

No Compelling Reason for People to Interact

No Critical Mass in Your System

No WIllingness to Endure the Process

Still unsure? Pick up the book I take every Executive team through, Influencing Culture:  Accelerating Change with Influence and Impact.  to uncover the windows of opportunity in front of you.

What If?

What If…you knew where to start

What If…you knew what steps to follow

What If…you knew where the landmines were before you began

…the only way to fail is to quit!

Small Changes Initially Lead to Completely Different Outcomes

All 3 Complementary Assessments Here

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