An Undisputable Fact: Every Business Owner Will Exit Their Business

The exit may not be what you expect with so many business owners leaving the most financially impactful event up to chance. In the last 3 years, there’s been a 7 fold increase in business owners looking to sell or retire, and unfortunately, 4 out of 5 businesses never sell.

Will you be able to tap into the wealth that’s in your business to leave a legacy and live a comfortable lifestyle, or is your business likely to wind down along with your wealth?

When you started your business it took a tremendous amount of planning – banks, investors demanded a plan to ensure the success of the enterprise – there’s always a plan to execute!

Succession and Exit Planning primarily focuses on the transfer of leadership and/or management from one generation to the next within the business – essentially a Business Continuity approach, a critical component of Exit Planning.

We bring comprehensive solutions with a proven-in-the-field 3-part methodology that delivers results baked into every session – enterprise value, employee impact, position in the market, family dynamics and dysfunction and role within the community are all addressed. Whether selling your business or transferring ownership, various strategies can help you achieve your objectives and prepare you for your next chapter.

You Have 3 Possible Outcomes

33% plan to sell to a private buyer, or to family

18% plan to sell to employees

16% will simply close for good

Source:  Corporate Executive Board Company, 2014 Small Business Owners Survey

Most companies are not ready to be sold! They are too dependent on the owner, and as a result, millions of business owners will never be able to tap into the wealth created after years of effort. With the help of an outside advisor, you can create differentiating reasons for being able to sell your company for top dollar to an enthusiastic buyer now or in the future.

Our Methodology

Preparing for the Transition


Working closely with your personal advisors, we ensure the forward decisions made complement your business and personal wealth, thus increasing the value of both.



Maybe you have a plan to sell, and you know the valuation and business continuity is in place. Is the execution what you expected or not? What steps are you taking to ensure a successful transition?

Ongoing Follow Through


Our focus is to deploy key growth levers to increase your business’ value and create a cash flow machine motivating potential buyers who visualize taking ownership with minimal changes.

Who Will Lead Your Business Next?

What Will it Take to Sell Your Business?

How Do You Anticipate the Transition to Occur?

You Have Questions

We Have Insights You May Have Not Considered

Your advisors are experts in their field – finance, legal, estate planning, accounting – providing sound advice. What they are NOT are professional operators who’ve led multi-million dollar operations in various industries, segments and market conditions successfully. If they ‘have your back’, then they’ll welcome an impartial sounding board for a high-value discussion. If they push back, then there’s another conversation you must have.

I offer a no strings, no obligation complementary conversation as an objective sounding board. Chances are you’ve never met someone who is more committed to your success than you, until now. I’ve built my reputation on just that – simply & powerfully. Let’s talk about how our Legacy Leaders program helps you move forward. Or, check your readiness with our FREE self assessment here.

5 Myths You're Telling Yourself

Myth #1 – I have plenty of time!

Myth #2 – Is a plan really necessary?

Myth #3 – Giving up ownership means losing income and control!

Myth #4 – Equal is the same thing as fair value.

Myth #5 – I’ll find a successor when I’m ready.

Do You Own the Business, or Does It Own You?

Maybe You Have a Succession Plan. How's it Working For You?

If You’re Serious About Selling Your Business in the Next Two Years,

then, what we offer – a laser focus on exit and succession planning – stands above the crowd of CEO roundtables, attorneys and accountants who only cover one to two dimensions of experience and expertise. They’re great to have and a must for you! We are the organizational glue that leverages you, your professional team and your people to move toward exit efficiently and profitably so you can optimize the wealth you’ve created.

If you’re serious about succession and exit, then our comprehensive solution is highly effective.  We offer ongoing enrollment making for a stronger business model in an easy to digest format. We are at the hub of a community of business owners and CEOs. Whether you’re an intimate small business less than $10M or you’re a multi-generation family-owned or closely-held enterprise of $50M, we deliver what’s missing between accounting, legal, insurance and investments. We deliver 3-10X ROI in value or we don’t come alongside you.

Step 1:  Plan a Two-Year Runway

Let’s put a plan in place together if you don’t have one. If you do have a plan, let’s review it and challenge what’s working and develop solutions for what’s not.

Step 2:  Build Your Team

Identify your Personal Advisors if they’re not assembled. Depending on your unique situation and needs, you may need some or all of these professionals. We are the glue that melds your team together freeing up your valuable time.

Step 3:  Fine Tune Your Strategy

We analyze and update current state, review your ‘curb appeal’, demonstrate our proprietary CASTLE model and valuation, and evaluate mutliple strategies with an eye on the pros and cons of each.

What would an objective conversation do for you? What I offer is time to listen, to go deeper, to challenge you – complementary and no strings, no obligation. Why? Chances are you’ve never met someone who is more committed to your success than you, until now. I’ve built my reputation on just this manner of doing business and it’s served my clients well, and thus me. If you’d like to know more about our Legacy Leaders program, then click the button and schedule time at your convenience. Or, check your readiness with our FREE self assessment here.

Who Really Has Your Back?

Do You Want Marginal Results + Fellowship?

Who is More Committed to Your Success Than You?

You've likely tried Vistage, Convene or C12 and they serve a purpose, but it's not in this realm!

In surveying business owners and CEO’s we’ve worked with around the US, the roundtable approach is too general and it lacks clarity and value as ROI is missing in those models.

If you want the business to be less dependent on you, then our program is what you’ve been looking for. We take a small group approach, personalizing groups based on size, scale and complexity, i.e., faith-based, women only, etc. as a stake-in-the-ground helping you strengthen your company.

If your advisors are truly committed to your present and future success, then they’ll welcome an impartial sounding board to benefit your business.

They are NOT are professional operators who’ve led multi-million dollar businesses in various industries, segments and market conditions successfully. We hold space for them to be experts in their field and partner with them to set you up for generational success in transition planning or exit.

If they ‘have your back’, then they’ll welcome a high-value discussion. If they push back, then there’s another conversation you must have.

Set Yourself and Your Business Up For Generational Success

Each meeting you’ll discover proven strategies and tactics to strengthen your business, increase profits and cash flow and ultimately make it more valuable. Selling or transitioning your business becomes seamless.

Tap Into The Wealth You've Created

You’ve invested both financially and sweat equity into your business. Make sure it’s set up for generational success or for an easy transition where you can access your wealth. Too many business owners are shocked when they realize the wealth trapped in their organization. We’re laser-focused for you to tap into the wealth you created.

Recapture Time and Regain Your Lifestyle

It’s too easy for the business to own you! Many times that business is too dependent on you – you’re working IN your business instead of ON your business. We help you recapture time,  lead and develop others as CEO instead of being in the daily weeds and enjoy a healthier work-life rhythm.

Finally! A Focus on the Top Issues Business Owners Face!

Leaders Breakfast focuses exclusively on developing a stronger business that’s not dependent on you and resets you in control of your own destiny when the time comes to sell or transition to a new team.

Unlike other CEO Roundtables lacking a specific focus relying on you to bring knowledge and wisdom to the table, we deliver deep content with acitonable intelligence to increase profits, cash flow and options to maximize the wealth in your business.

Whether you’re looking to tier out of your business in the next year or two, or need to develop a stronger foundation now for your future, our Leaders program delivers ongoing value.

♦     Join in Anytime

♦     High-value topics to strengthen your business 

♦     Convenient to your busy schedule

♦     Exclusively for successful Executives / Owners 

♦     Unlimited support and accountability 

♦     Practical, proven best practices for building a stronger business that’s not dependent on you, is attractive to buyers, investors and the next generation of leaders

♦     Develop strategies that deliver high-value ‘curb appeal’ – more profitable and more valuable – while freeing up more time for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle

4 OUT OF 5 BUSINESSES NEVER SELL! Most businesses are not set up to tap into the wealth built up over time. Don’t miss out on implementing crucial strategies and tactics required to create a legacy, hand off the business on your terms and live your dream life!

JOIN LEGACY LEADERS…and set yourself and your business up for long term success!

Local sessions are limited to no more than 7 attendees

Unsure if our Leaders Breakfast group is best suited for your unique situation? I invite you to have a no strings, no obligation conversation with me. I’ve not met you, you’ve not met me and neither of us can establish trust or respect without getting to know one another. Call me 205-482-2177

I’m not interested in a group program, what do you offer?

If you’d prefer a one-on-one relationship, then let’s discuss it. We can personalize days of week, locations and potential off-site venues to provide a solution you prefer.

Very few business owners will be able to transition their business to give them the free time and the wealth they need. The bottom line is the business is simply not set up with the systems and processes needed for a successful transition. Sadly, we see all too often, a business completely dependent on the owner where no one will want to buy it.

Avoid Trapping Your Wealth in Your Business

We specialize in working with business owners, from  $10M to $50M, ensuring their business has the highest possible valuation, and is attractive to potential buyers. Tap into the wealth you’ve created in your business –  for now or later. We are not business brokers or estate planners. We are specialists who help you increase the value and saleability of your business where:

♦  Your business is worth more.

♦  Your business continues to grow without your involvement.

♦  You have more time to focus on strategic issues instead of fighting fires.

  You can tap into the value of your business – now or later.

  You have peace of mind about your future.

  You have freedom to enjoy a lifestyle

We do this by taking an end-to-end picture of your journey within your business and by working with you to establish or fine-tune systems and processes required to make your business attractive to buyers. Even if you don’t want to sell your business, our proven process opens up many more options to tap into the wealth you’ve created giving you more time to enjoy a lifestyle.

Find out whether you have a business you can use as a source of ongoing wealth, or whether taking critical steps now help you avoid the trap that’s causing hardship to millions of other business owners. Check your readiness with our FREE self assessment here.

Our proven process brings together your current advisors, with you, and we stand in the gap ensuring execution of a successful succession plan to exit to reach the desired result you must have with no surprises. If your advisors ‘have your back’, then they have no issue with a third-party high-value no obligation discussion together. If they push back, ask yourself ‘what’s wrong with that picture?’

You took risks when you decided to go into business for yourself. Don’t take risks with everything you’ve worked for.

How long will this take? There’s no typical timeframe as each business is unique and each owner’s situation is different. What we’ve experienced from assessment to plan development is between 3-6 months depending on the owner. The launch and execution stage may take anywhere between 9-18 months. The sale or transfer process usually takes a year and post-sale follow through can be up to one year or longer…quite frankly you decide the pace and velocity.

Our Format:

♦     75-minute Monthly Breakfast with high-value content

     Individual one-on-one Strategy Session to jump start the process for you and your business.

♦     One-on-One session at the midway point, and a

♦     Ongoing Support and Accountability our support doesn’t stop. You’re not revenue to us! I invest just as much as you do – I cannot recover time.

Let’s talk about it to ensure you’re right for us and we’re right for you. Call 205-482-2177

What You’ll Takeaway

     Develop a High-level Exit and Succession Plan

     Shift Perceptions to Create Leverage

     Dominate Your Strategic Edge 

     Strengthen Your Financial Model – growth levers to drive success, not the accounting side

     Improve Your Operating Platform – capture a self-sufficient documented process

     Minimize Overwhelm – focus where your time is most valuable and let go of the minutae

     Creating Clear Roles and Goals for Growth and Performance

     Solidify Your leadership to Enable Clear Path to Exit

     Engage, Inspire and Mobilize Your Team

     Develop a Pipeline of Leaders

     The CASTLE Model – turning revenue and profit growth into a science

     Build and Expand Your Loyal Customer Base

     Create Your Own High-Performance Growth Culture

Who Are We?

Brookestone Associates is an strategic advisory firm focused on strategic execution and culture influencing to business owners with revenues of $10 to $50 million.

Get a quick snapshot to know whether your company is set up to be sold, or will wind down without anyone to buy it or take it over?  Click here for our FREE assessment.

BIRMINGHAM (AL) – At a recent Business Roundtable luncheon, Founder and Managing Partner of Brookestone Associates, Scott Spector spoke on the topic of Succession and Exit Planning, “Many of the business owners we talk with are in for an unhappy surprise. Their businesses are so dependent on them, chances are, they’ll never sell. The sad reality is these owners have invested tremendous time, in many cases their life’s fortune, and sweat equity into their businesses and it’s likely they won’t be able to tap into the wealth they could have generated.  We developed a simple, powerful and proven program to help business owners discover whether they have a chance to sell their business or hand it off before it’s too late. We come alongside business owners to plan, to implement a finely-tuned process and to leverage their business as a vehicle to create wealth for their retirement, their family and their lifestyle.”

How would you like to develop a pipeline of leaders who can grow your company?

Would you like to free yourself up to devote more time for strategic issues?

What would taking your career success further than you ever imagined mean for you?


Many executives spend too much time focusing on daily and quarterly results they neglect one of the most important jobs that they have – Creating a pipeline of leaders.

A weak pipeline of leaders is like a baseball team with a poor bullpen of relief pitchers, or a basketball team with no bench to take over when the starters are injured or need a rest. Your organization simply cannot win without a pipeline of leaders.

Succession planning is your answer and it’s not a one-time event to plan successors for each role. You need a proven ongoing process baked into your company – one that constantly recruits, develops, and retains top talent in each and every role.

We serve you as an objective resource to assess your leadership, and then work with you ensuring your organization has a viable pipeline of leaders in place. Once that happens, the benefits are tremendous:

– Growth and Performance Increases – your people are now ready to help the organization grow through expanded operations giving you more time to spend on strategic issues.

– Greater Team Growth – your people have more opportunity to grow through roles, productivity and loyalty all increase.

– Attract Better Talent – your company becomes a magnet for top talent and prospective employees know there are opportunities to develop and advance.

Find out whether your organization follows the best practices of succession planning and developing a pipeline of leaders by calling us today here.

I’m not interested in a group program, what do you offer?

Let’s discuss coming alongside your formal or informal team of advisors and personalize an Exit and Succession Plan that creates the wealth you must have, provides the continuity of operations for growth and performance, and gives you the peace of mind that comes from planning through execution. We are your stake-in-the-ground.

A successful succession plan to exit begins with your mindset and many business owners keep their businesses dependent on them due to limiting beliefs. Examples include: “I can’t trust anyone to do the job as well as I can”;  “No one is as invested as I am” and “This company is my baby and I won’t surrender control.”

In contrast, business owners who are able to sell their companies for top dollar go beyond these beliefs surrendering control.

  • Their ego allows others who are highly skilled and motivated to do a job better than an owner can.

  • They don’t need to be micromanaged.

  • They are open to having people smarter than they are, and are willing to provide resources and time to develop professionally.

Building a successful company starts with a strong foundation that’s possible to develop a pool of leaders who can operate the company day-to-day without you.  Instead of you leading day-to-day, we create time for you allowing you to focus on more strategic issues and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in and outside of work. Most importantly, we help you make the company more valuable.

The figures bear it out; companies that don’t do the above will probably not sell. They’ll eventually wind down or close, and the owner will lose out on the untapped potential source of wealth. Don’t let that be you!

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