Implementation with Accountability

We Can't Agree on How to Implement Our Strategy

We Have Too Many Priorities to Execute Effectively

We're Struggling to Implement Our Strategy

Executives from companies around the country share with me how strategic planning is one of their most frustrating processes, for the following reasons:

     “Our executive team lacks a common language for strategy.  We wind up arguing over what strategy is instead of doing actual strategy.” – President, Automotive/Heavy-Duty Equipment

     “We have too many ideas and priorities. We wind up implementing too many initiatives at once, we’re spread thin and our attempts are half-assed.” – CFO, Wood & Wood Products

   “After the strategic plan is written down and passed around, it ends up sitting on a shelf and few of the initiatives are executed effectively.” – COO, Precision Tooling

Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful!

Stop outsourcing your brains to a consulting company that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can get everyone aligned and accountable to implement your strategy.

A Proven Strategic Process Used by Executives Who Must Have Results.

Our three-part strategic process includes the planning and accountability required to put everyone on the same page and allows you to:

♦     Answer the most important strategic questions to give your organization an edge in the market

     Agree on only the most important priorities required for success, and

     Implement accountability and a structure ensuring your strategy actually gets executed by the whole organization.

Simple      Powerful      Practical

Our process has been proven in environments for hundreds of executives like you.  It doesn’t require a huge team of external consultants; it’s efficient and highly effective.

Most organizations complete the process via a series of three facilitated meetings over four months.  We use straightforward language without jargon and bake in accountability and results from start to finish. You’ll also avoid unnecessary conflict, confusion, and stress you’ve likely experienced before.

Inspire Your People to Succeed Without Your Message Being Diluted the Deeper in the Organization it Goes

I encourage every one of my clients to have a no strings, no obligation conversation to listen to what’s working and what’s not in your unique situation. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. What I do know is if you cannot realize 5-10X ROI from our work together, then we won’t come alongside you. Call +1 205-482-2177

What You'll Get With Us

♦  Each leader’s influence skills will dramatically increase.

♦  High-performing culture emerges as employees understand the need for a solid strategy.

♦  Deeper understanding of drivers and implication they have on talent and capacity.

♦  Higher probability of success when leaders communicate strategic direction clearly.

♦  Teams more energized to plan and execute the strategy.

♦  Engaged employees more likely to work together to implement challenging strategies.

We move you from big picture ideas to making things happen

Uncover what gives your organization an edge in the market

No strings, no obligation to have a conversation to listen to what’s working and what’s not in your unique situation. If you cannot realize 5-10X ROI from our work together, then we won’t work together. As a ‘thank you’ for discussing your vision with me, I’ll give you a copy of my book 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage.

What's Been Missing?


Too many organizations assume everyone already knows and
understands your strategy


Strategic priorities are your lifeblood to compete and succeed, but most company’s have too many priorities.


Many organizations talk about strategic priorities, but never finish them or do too many poorly.

Who Understands the Market Better Than You?

Who Knows the Competition Better Than You?

Who Knows the Destination Better Than You?

…then Why Isn’t It Working?

You have options. We can work together one-on-one or we can facilitate the process with your leadership team. We also invite a group of non-competing executives who come together and support one another in fine-tuning their strategy for their own organizations.

Call +1 205-482-2177 we come alongside you via a series of three facilitated meetings over four months which includes planning PLUS bake in accountability and results required ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Avoid unnecessary conflict, confusion, and stress by inviting us to support you.

What Others Are Saying

“Scott helped us gain clarity with our priorities. Before, we’d go to market with what we thought would deliver results we had to have. Each quarter a new priority would emerge and get us off track. He helped us find what our true edge is in the market and drive that message internally and externally. We experienced greater top line, dramatically increased customer retention and our people aren’t frustrated like they were.” – Carl Hogan, COO


“We weren’t sure our initial direction with Scott was the right one. What he uncovered is each of us had different perspectives and goals we wanted to accomplish. He gently showed us how disconnected we were as a leadership team; giving us time and space to resolve some deep seeded issues while keeping us on track. We no longer are battling one another’s ego for control.” – James T. Anderson, Chairman


“What Scott did for us is truly remarkable! We were one of those company’s that spent a couple hundred thousand dollars for a ‘blue-blood’ consultant firm that delivered a 200-page document we already knew. In less than six months, he was able to help us determine a compelling message, strategic priorities and an accountability plan that our people are excited about. Our customers are excited, too!” – Bobby Williamson, President

Why We're Different

Each situation is unique and each solution is personalized to the goals you must have to be successful. We may uncover, through robust discussions, product improvements, process realignments, revenue turnaround or culture change. The floor is yours and the insight I share gives you the space to make the next best step near term and in the long run. Ultimately, it’s your decision. To show you how simple, powerful and practical our Implementation with Accountability framework is, I’m giving you a complementary gift below.

We listen to what you want to achieve.

We help you uncover what’s pressing if you’ve not done so already.

We synthesize our findings into actionable steps.

Follow-on discussion to ensure alignment and concise messaging.

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