“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” ― John Eldredge

Imagine going in to work after the Holiday and your manager comes to your office and says, “Hey…are you up for an adventure today?” You may be floored by hearing such a question from them, but you’re intrigued as to what ‘type’of adventure they are describing. You were designed for adventure. You were designed to identify your talents, use them in your profession and tie them to a higher purpose in your own life.

Imagine, now, you go into your son’s room and ask the same question, “Hey, buddy…are you up for an adventure?” You can almost touch the excitement and nervous anticipation from your son, can’t you? Keep going. “Yeah, dad. You bet.” You get the sense of the two gearing up together, whether it’s fishing, hunting, backpacking or just heading off into the woods or mountains. The energy is positive and flowing. There’s no negative feelings anywhere, no uncertainty and likely no doubt either. Now, what if the boy replied, “Nah, not really dad. I’m gonna’ stay in and play Xbox” instead, or “I’ve got other things to do today.” In less than five minutes, you’ve experienced an emotional high and an emotional low, haven’t you?

You were made for adventure. It’s a special moment and there won’t be many in a lifetime. Be prepared and ready with a quick, ‘Yeah, dad. You bet.’

Elegant Leadership with Voltage is an adventure filled with excitement and nervous anticipation from everyone that’s attended and continuing their adventure. It’s deep thought-provoking conversations we have with each other that force us out of our comfort zone into the murky waters of discomfort. We link up and break you free from your isolation and insulation. I work with executives, business professionals, and non-profits at this exclusive site filled with resources to find your adventure and ignite a passion in you to lead elegantly.

Many leaders and managers today are isolated – locked away from honest, authentic communications, feedback and an environment where it’s okay to let their guard down. These same professionals – read YOU – become insulated so as to not allow people to get too close – able to close your computers, turn the lights out on your professional life and escape to your homes. Sadly, many of the home lives are just as isolated and insulated.

What do you think will happen if you don’t change anything?          

If you’re not clear or successful, then what will happen?

How long can you continue along this path?

Let me give you a choice. We offer a monthly growth track to test-drive Elegant Leadership with Voltage and see if it’s an adventure that encourages your own excitement and nervous anticipation. The Elegant Leader with Voltage program was created so you can avoid the pains of isolation and insulation and the encouragement, friendship and accountability to grow your leadership with influence and impact which translates into greater results and stronger relationships. Jump in anytime. You don’t have to start with Step 1 and learn the 4-Steps of growth in the Elegant Leader program. Click here and get an Ultimate Guide to Elegant Leadership with Voltage FREE.

If you’d rather jump into the deeper end of the pool, then the Elegant Leaders Studio is just for you. Here we give you meat-on-the-bone solutions to have better job performance, communicate and engage your team more effectively and have a healthier work-life rhythm.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to carefully consider how Elegant Leadership with Voltage can influence the way you lead yourself and others.

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