Executive Success & Onboarding

Studies show the initial weeks and months of a new hires tenure are critical. Getting it right can dramatically accelerate the transformation of a new recruit into a fully functioning business leader.  Getting it wrong can be very costly as research shows that the average cost of a failed executive hire is $2.7 million USD (Forbes 5/2008).  

Minimize the ramp-up time to deliver results sooner, ensure culture fit within the organization to mitigate risk of poor fit, and protect your investment by minimizing the risk of premature departure. Download a copy to strengthen the core of your organization.

“We chose Brookestone for onboarding our key new hires as we expanded our operations. They solidified our investment by ensuring the success of our new people. I like working with Scott and his team, because they listen not only to what we say but what we feel we need to be successful.” – Michele M, HR Manager, Steel Mfg. Co.

“Understanding our talent needs today and tomorrow is huge for us and Brookestone Associates delivers by adding value to their placements in onboarding our level two and level three directors and managers. Our return on our investment is significant.” – Lori N, SVP, Human Resources, Automotive Mfg. Exec.

Onboarding Strengthens The Core

Three key reasons why onboarding is the most critical component of hiring new and promoting employees:

  • Minimize the ramp-up time to deliver results sooner,

  • Ensure culture fit within the organization to mitigate risk of poor fit,

  • Protect your investment by minimizing the risk of premature departure

Our proprietary onboarding services grew organically and enhance our Executive Search process helping top organizations assimilate new executives in a more structured and effective way. We reduce the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact, deliver results and maximize their personal engagement with the organization and the brand. Our evidence-based expertise support and add guidance to the new Executive creating a personalized onboarding plan specifically tailored to the individual’s and the organization’s needs. Most organization’s internal process do not put meat-on-the-bone when it comes to achieving the following:

  • Identify executives’ strengths and optimizes key competencies for success

  • Provide role clarity by communicating simply and powerfully vertically and horizontally within the organization

  • Accelerate integration with organizational culture, strategy, and leadership team leveraging our Leaders Dashboard

  • Maps key relationships providing a blueprint for influence with impact

  • Delivers critically timed feedback from key stakeholders

Executive Outplacement

We offer personalized assistance to departing senior-level executives, directors and managers. From Executive Outplacement and C-Suite Services to On-site Termination Assistance, we are the critical component of your culture and change management’s strategy that builds each client’s self-awareness and confidence with a clear, personalized Executive Branding plan to improve overall performance for their careers and peace of mind while preserving your brand.

“We were one of Brookestone’s first outplacement clients and we were extremely pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail and care for our rank-and-file as well as our executives who were released. They performed impressively, taking into account the impact on each individual person and their families.” – Karen H., Sanderson-Harold Corporation

“In our long history, we’ve never had to conduct a layoff and it hurt us terribly to have to right-size our company. Scott and the team at Brookestone Associates could not have been more caring and compassionate with not only our people, but the pain we felt in making this change.” – P. Wallace, HR Manager, Mid Market Mfg. and Distribution

Inside Outplacement

Our approach is highly proactive and responsive providing intensive, personalized coaching, and support individually or in groups, treating each affected employee with the utmost respect and compassion while delivering processes that positively impact their career goals while preserving your brand. Our services include:

Restructuring & Downsizing Consulting – Significant change requires complete and comprehensive outplacement services covering company support before any layoff and employee support once notification has occurred. These services are the expected due diligence and our streamlined programs ensure maximum effectiveness throughout the outplacement process preserving your culture.

Layoff Planning & Management – We work closely with your HR team in planning the layoff including determining program and service needs, implementation planning, logistics, defining special reporting requirements, and training managers on the event asking the critical questions about outcome and process delivering cost-effective solutions.

Communications Strategy Support – We work together in planning your internal and external communication when you are conducting a layoff. We are able to inform and to educate your employees about what to do and what not to do following such notification.

Notification Training and Day of Notification Support –We provide training to your management team when they are faced with conducting a layoff working with them to ensure the termination meetings are conducted professionally in a manner that maintains the departing employee’s dignity and minimizes the possibility of legal action against the company.

On-site Termination Assistance – A critical component of your company’s change management strategy – we are present on the day of termination to assist in the process. It is our expectation to help the terminated employee cope with his or her emotions and not burn any bridges.

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