How You Become the Best Leader You Can Be

Do you feel like life is coming at you faster every day and it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay on top of it all?

Have some areas of your personal life suffered at the expense of your professional decisions?

Are there specific areas of your life where you want to see change, but not sure how or where to start?

Elegant Leadership begins with the proper Mindset – working from inside-out and then polishing outside-in. This process is not about being a “must read,” rather it’s about a “must do” – not a have-to but a want-to.

Our goal is to prepare executives to be effective global leaders, with finely honed decision-making skills that will enable them the balance of exceeding key performance metrics and preserving critical relationships.  Engaging executives and emerging leaders on development frameworks individually or in group settings has proven to have the longest lasting impact on results. We address specific needs and requirements, make it highly relevant, and deliver real-time impact and influence on daily outcomes. Our methodology is:

Attract Talent for World-Class Leadership

Our relationship portfolio allows us to recommend Executives into the opportunity flow of many unpublished roles based upon their unique skill set and the intangibles only they bring to one of our clients.

Deliver Strategic Solutions While Preserving Relationships

We provide a framework of capabilities designed to observe and measure the quality of work output, ensure alignment to the organizational strategy, and establishing and maintaining a rhythm between their ego, the expected organization’s results and developing critical relationships.

Ignite Talent to Intensely Drive Change

Nothing drives an organization’s performance more than the quality of its leaders. We inspire leaders to inspire their people and their organizations they serve by becoming an Elegant Leader with Voltage – simply, powerfully and gracefully. Our platform in strategic or change engagements consistently delivers 5-10X ROI.

Delivering Elegant Leadership with Voltage

As a man of faith, it is my responsibility to equip the leaders of today and tomorrow with a heart, head, hands and habits of stewardship and a mind of gratitude in the role you’re in or called to be in. The Highest form of Leadership is veiled in humility. Helping others achieve their potential and beyond is what makes an Elegant Leader’s organization flourish. Without agendas, without self-serving credit, the Elegant Leader who leads with Voltage is one who stands on principle, lives the behaviors they espouse and encourages others to succeed by following a genuine, authentic and gracious life.

‘What good does looking in a mirror do you if you don’t know what to look for and what to do about what you see?’

Brookestone Associates is a cradle-to-grave strategic talent organization dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and growing talent for world-class organizations. Our Leadership Solutions and High Performance Leadership help you and your people uncover the intangible edge that’s always been there, yet you’ve not known how to bring it to the surface so you can make a difference. For more information on Elegant Leadership with Voltage, click here to learn about what’s working so well for the top 5% of leaders in the US and over 12 countries. If you’d like to discuss how-to elevate your Leadership strengths, click here for a 15-minute conversation – no pitch, no salesy crap – to uncover what that looks like.

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