Where’s Your Center?

The Elegant Leader understands to be successful, there’s a rhythm to ego, results and relationships. They gain Voltage through high-value, powerful relationships – building, nurturing and restoring relationships with people they come in contact with at work and at home and everywhere in between.  Here’s a quick adage on relationships to consider its truth.

People who are:


say, “I have no need for relationships because I’m self-sufficient.”


say, “I have no need for relationships because I’m self-righteous.”


say, “I have no need for relationships because I’m self-entitled.”


The Elegant Leader will say, I’m:


“I need people because I’m spirit empowered.”


“I lean on others because I’m principle-centered.”


“I love people because my focus is higher.”

The rhythm of ego, results and relationships is as powerful as it is fragile. It takes effort, work and sweat equity along with an undying spirit to press on when you don’t want to or just don’t feel like it. Your interaction with that one person may be the only one they encounter that day. The Elegant Leader’s standard is people are more important than things, an expense or a statistic on a balance sheet  – they matter!  You have no idea the impact you have with them when your influence is negative, neutral or stressed. Go lead and Lead Elegantly!


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