Shhh, Come Closer

Rememeber when you were a kid and your parent or grandparent would tell you to use your ‘indoor voice’? Do you do that to your kids today, or did you used to do that to your kids? I remember my first day student teaching in Savannah trying to quiet a loud room? It was difficult, at best, to get kids attention then, and sometimes, it’s difficult to get an adults attention. And to yell above the crowd usually doesn’t work either. It’s more effective to calm the crowd with a shhh. A whisper tends to calm kids and it subconsciously makes adults lean in. Someone else whispers to us; to quiet, calm us and bring us closer still.

You’ve heard me say often to Be the Message – just show up and be there. It’s more about you in the presence and less what you say – be still, silent and connect.  Part of the journey to a successful life, regardless how you measure it, is recognizing and being able to drown out or quiet the noise. When our lives are filled with noise, we lessen our senses, our habits of being and of doing. I’m a fan of Mark Batterson, writer and speaker, and one of his books Whisper is a great read for you this summer – check it out.

“We run the risk of turning into human doings rather than human beings.” – Mark Batterson

When we are going 100mph to nothing with our hair on fire, if we’re not careful, we lose our sense of rhythm. I’m as guilty of this pace as the next person, too. Physically, we can lose our sense of balance at this pace, which is a function of the inner ear. Part of a healthy work-life rhythm is knowing when to slow down, get still and come closer. Get it together together and get it back in order. It takes very little to distract us, and the answer is to come closer and listen for it. The whisper – the still small voice.

I’m not subscribing to or am a proponent of ‘passive waiting’ or ‘proactive listening’. You must #GoDeeper. When you have the awareness, understand how to avoid the hurry and adopt an alternative such as come closer, His voice gets a little louder in our lives until He’s all we can hear.

‘If you want to hear the heart of God, silence is key. If you want the Spirit of God to fill you, be still.’ – Mark Batterson

Many of you know I love to play golf and appreciate the gift I’ve been given in the sport. Down the road from me in Sylacauga is Pursell Farms, and one of my favorite courses in the state to play – FarmLinks. Up above the 5th tee is a quiet opening on top of the mountain called, The Secret Place. In Psalms, there is a refuge, a fortress, the ever-present help in time of need in the hiding place. He sings songs there. Instead of running away from your issues, problems and anxiety, come closer, be still and listen for the Whisper. There’s Power in a Whisper…

There are many practical applications I can share with you to help minimize overwhelm, slow the pace with you or support you as a sounding board. Think about it. Be still and listen to what He’s singing to you. Give me a shout anytime.

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