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Keynotes and Seminar Topics:  Influencing Culture, Engaging and Inspiring People, and Why Elegant Leadership Matters.

Scott is The Culture Whisperer, a dynamic speaker passionate about delivering a clear, concise and compelling message for inspiring leaders and their organizations to inspire confidence and engagement in people. He provides clarity and direction with a rhythm of ego, results and relationships to influence and impact your group. Colorful and engaging, Scott delivers his messages in a relaxed, conversational style that resonates with his audiences.

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"The Leadership Model - as we know it - is broken! The outdated 40-year old principles still taught in some business schools have failed people for too long. There's a new definition of leadership!"

"When the leader at the very top, submits their ego, focuses on people's desire to contribute to a higher purpose, and builds high-value relationships the climate and culture are energized, employees are engaged and organizations are mobilized for sustainable growth and performance."

"Pacino said it best! 'You're out of order', and so many leaders are. Today's leaders must model the expected habits and behaviors they want from their people first before anyone will follow them. Earn the right to advance first!"

Topics include:

Why Elegant Leadership Matters?

Elegant Leadership with Voltage takes what you do well as a leader and perfects it while showing you how to lead with great character. If you’re leading ‘good enough’, then you can replicate it and become a great leader with a proven methodology. Elegant Leadership is grounded in the aspirations and inspiration of your values put into action simply, powerfully, practically and gracefully. His interactive conversational style is a model to guide people, teams, families and organizations that can be implemented immediately in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

The Importance of Rhythm in Leading

Everyone seems to want balance in life – nothing balances, only scales – there’s a Rhythm! Life at home and at work comes at you pretty fast. You’re either gong into a storm, you’re living in a storm or you’re coming out of a storm. There’s a rhythm to a person’s ego, their results and the relationships in their lives. Learn simple, practical and powerful strategies that give you rhythm and grace in leading.

The Golden Sentence

When someone thinks of you, they have a mental picture in their mind of why you are the way you are, what you bring to people’s lives and how you do it. Some impressions are better than others, and some are a bit more twisted than other’s. How your message is translated to others is the outward expression of you. It is your Golden Sentence!

No one has one like you. Scott discuss how this fingerprint is a singular, specific, personalized characterization of your life – it’s who you are! The value of the Golden Sentence talk is in it’s simplicity; the differentiator that separates “tell me more” from “so what.”

Scott’s conversational talks were honed from real-world experience not theory. He’s led mid-sized companies and large multi-nationals. He shares the good and not so good; what’s worked, what didn’t and why as well as how to avoid the pitfalls – isn’t that what you’re looking for.

He’s considered an authority on influencing culture and change management helping dozens of companies like Mitsubishi, The Freedom Group, Remington Outdoor, Schwan’s, Yeti, and Masco. He’s an internationally certified coach and has worked with hundreds of Executives, Business professionals and Professional athletes across the US and over twelve countries.

Invite Scott to speak at your next event or connect with him to personalize your workshop, off-site or meeting uniquely tailored to your unique situation!


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