The Year is 10% Over

Are you on target with your plans and goals? Let’s commit our resolve to be our best selves this year. Simple. No resolutions. No bullshit. Look in the mirror and love what you see. If you don’t or you’re not sure, then step back take a fresh look and uncover that one view you can be happy with. As you step into 2018, let me ask you:

  • Who’s voice are you listening to? 
  • What are you doing to shape your heart and mind to that of a genuine leader? 
  • How are you operating – out of obligation or celebration? 
  • What would you be willing to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? 

A leader is to lead obediently because you will be held accountable. Leadership means embracing every situation sent your way – even the uncomfortable ones. You cannot wish your issues, problems, challenges and crises away; you must “suit up” and participate by becoming the leader you’re called to be.

What problem or issue do you know you need to deal with, but you keep putting off?

Often our biggest obstacle is ourselves. At the end of the day, your behavior emphasizes what your character truly is. Quit worrying about your reputation taking a hit. Here are 5 Simple, Practical and Elegant Steps of Leadership.

Be Prepared. In sports, we call it the separation is in the preparation. You cannot control the outcome so quit trying. What you can control is how well you’re prepared for the opportunity to realize an outcome.

Be Consistent. We don’t have to be perfect. We do need to be consistent, to work hard and to be dedicated to increasing our leadership capacity. What steps are you taking to increase your leadership capacity?

What would one of your colleagues say about you sincerely giving your best today? Everyday?

The “L” in leadership has a two-fold purpose – to Listen and to be a lifelong Learner. Back in the older days, Jethro, the first management consultant, and Moses was the first client.

Be Accessible. Leadership is people work and leading is loving. What is love? Not the intimate variety some of you just ran towards. It’s the authentic, genuine persona of gratitude where you truly care about your people and not merely lip service – your behaviors demonstrate your authenticity or not.

Be Humble. Humility is at the core of servant leadership. How are you modeling servant leadership? The right leader cares more about how to get the best out of the potential of the team, the group, the division, the organization than their own success.

Be Honest. Integrity and character are who we are as leaders. That’s a leader you can trust and follow with great enthusiasm. Your behaviors drive your character and your reputation is merely what others think of you and frankly that’s irrelevant.

You may be a “resolutionist” every January 1st or not. It may be easier to your well-being if you tackle one single view from your mirror. What’s one step forward you could comfortably make until you’re ready to step out and be uncomfortable? It’s easier to have someone by your side – someone you trust and respect who can be your accountability partner. If you’re not able to find someone, then let me know you need a sounding board, and I’ll gladly be that stake-in-the-ground for you as you begin your journey.

Becoming an Elegant Leader is hard! It’s hard work and easier to quit than to finish. Are you having trouble in a particular leadership situation? Tell me in the comments section below and feel free to ask questions.

If you’d like a blueprint on how to become an Elegant Leader, email me here and I’ll send you a FREE copy.

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