Develop Elegant Leaders

It’s about your ability to deliver a clear, concise and compelling message as the Elegant Leader with clarity and purpose to move your team forward.  You lead in the moment, inspire your people and challenge them to stretch beyond their potential and engage them to live their lives and jobs differently.

  • Are you showing empathy and perspective? 
  • Are you delivering results that matter? 
  • Are you someone worth modeling?

At Brookestone, we’re known for developing Emerging Leaders and Legacy Leaders to deliver sustainable results with stronger relationships. 

“Organizations that invest in developing leaders throughout their transformation are 2.4 times more likely to be successful in achieving their objectives.” (McKinsey, 2014)

Are Your People Aligned?

We identify and evaluate high potential and high-performing talent daily delivering cradle-to-grave solutions. Clients come to us when they struggle with moving things forward, setting strategic direction, engaging and mobilizing employees, and creating a high-performance growth culture.

By aligning your talent strategy with your business strategy, we show you how executing effectively and efficiently delivers maximum results while preserving critical relationships!  Our offerings include Culture Influencing, Change Management, High-Performance Leadership Academies and Executive Coaching. Learn how we deliver 5-10X ROI guaranteed on your Talent Acquisition and Retention costs today!

7-Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage

What appears inside the pages is a model to guide people, teams, families and organizations you can implement immediately. When you lead with voltage, you intentionally influence people to  make a difference in the lives of others – you make people feel important, you inspire them and you work to earn and keep their trust while being honest and forthcoming.

  • Where do you look to anticipate the next change in your business?

  • Do you have the courage to take-the-fork-in-the-road of past results for a direction that’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable?

Live a life of significance. Recognize the far-reaching effects of your daily decisions and choices directly impacting your life and the lives of others.

Join Elegant Leader FirstSteps!

We guide you through the FirstSteps™ of what Elegant Leadership is, why it’s important and how to apply the principles immediately. If you want to lead more effectively, to know the secrets to better job performance and greater communication and engagement with your people and have a healthier work-life, then our complementary FirstSteps™ series is for you!

  • Uncover how to give your leadership Voltage!

  • Discover your gifts that inspire people,

  • Find the Rhythm of your results & relationships, 

  • How-to make a difference in the lives of others.

FirstSteps are held on first 4 Mondays every month

All sessions are complementary

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